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  1. I got some mk1 gear from veil as well during the last days. Seems to be a thing now. Most likely a bug.
  2. I did this with Mag. Magnetise the fighter and shoot the bubble with a good projectile weapon while sliding. This can kill the fighter and afterwards the pilot. Does not work all the time but should net you two ratherquick. I used an exergis with maxed multishot.
  3. Just adding: Virtuos Shadow is really common as well as it increases your crit chance for the shield phase. Might be a matter of taste, but I run shadow since I learned to trigger it via the void dash. It feels more consistent than strike. But I have no number to prove it.
  4. I usually run something that complements the needs of the warframe. For example a Rakta Balistica for Energyregen while cloaked with Ivara or a Mara Detron with Radiation/Viral to pump into Mag's Magnetize Bubble when the Effective Health of the enemies becomes to high for an Exergis or Lanka to kill them with 1 shot.
  5. Honestly, I'd love to have it. But there is no way I will farm the missing 2k ducats before Baro leaves again. So I am not even trying.
  6. Yes. And I think it ridiculous to hate on it. Because its more fun and faster to grind prime parts, sell those that I dont need and grab that drone from the market than shoot rocks to get that 1k asterite. Its just more time efficient for people with less time, like parents for example and gives money to DE which keeps them alive. Nothing bad about it.
  7. Could you pls bring back the repair drones to the market? The grind to repair stuff is not fun.
  8. Could we have the repair drones back in the market? When you bring down the cost to 20, like for potatoes, more people would use them. That introduces another plat sink (good for you) and lets us repair stuff fast (good for us). Sounds like a deal, right? Please 🙂
  9. When I am on Engineering I always have way more intrinsics than with gunning and boarding. Cant say about the pilot because I usually don't fly
  10. Agreed. From my pov this is the biggest funstopper at the moment. It was not a problem with repair drones available in the market as we could get plat via selling stuff. Recommended solutions would be either add asterite x 100/300/500 (earth, saturn, veil) to possible mission end rewards or add the repair drones back to the market. You could reduce the price to 20 (like the other needed things that we are used to pay for like catalysts, reactors) to counter the outrage of the pay2win sayers and still have them work as a way to pull plat. Doing both would be amazing.
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