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  1. If #2 is a visual bug, that is great since my group already did it. Would be great to not have to do it again. I hope that the eximus challenge didn't give you standing because you already had credit from the 40 wave. I have a lot to do in the game as is, so having to redo the challenge just eats away from the laundry list.
  2. @[DE]Drew can you please help clarify a few questions? It seems like we're still pretty left in the dark and there is a lot of speculation running about here. For those of us who completed the 40 wave defense, and got credit, did we lose the standing and now have to redo the Eximus challenge to get that standing back? Is the Index bug really visual or not? Like others here, my team completed it, and saw the confirmation popup that said we completed it, but it never registered. I was not sure how many points I had before completing the challenge, so I can't really tell if it was visual or not. Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.
  3. Not sure if others are experiencing this after the update, but i can't seem to be able to join parties when I try to go into Vallis. I fly in with a group, but then spawn into the map all alone. Others join every so often, but immediately disconnect. I'm going to try on another computer. Trying to isolate if it's only me and my client or a result of the update. I was able to matchmake into the index with no problem. Update: Tried this on two computers and both experience the same problem. Looks like it might be an issue with the latest hotfix. This was fine yesterday
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