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  1. I mean, they COULD just run a script to give everyone on PC 400 ducats to say "sorry, and thanks for beta testing..." 😉
  2. Yay! Another failed Twitch drop. So glad we could be here to help you test in Prod. Maybe you should pay us since we all effectively work for you. 🙂 😠
  3. I need a MOBA mode in Warframe. This is my dying wish. Please let it happen, DE. ;D Oh, and I don't wanna see Reb crying on stream ever again. >:O
  4. I had this happen for like 5 in a row a day or two ago. Seems like more than "sometimes". 😛
  5. HOLY FKN SHT THANK YOU!!! I don't know why you ever changed it, but when I noticed the change, I was like, "wtf is this crap?!" Maybe have it be a toggled option in the preferences so that people who like the janky "new" movement changes can turn it on...?
  6. lulwut I'm older than you and I'm not blinded by the refractions in my bifocals, relic. ;)
  7. Blinding? I love how the particles interact with the environment now. Not blinding at all, just really cool looking. The bounce needs to return though, even if it's only visual, and won't actually hit enemies. Although, if it did, that could be fun. :D
  8. Odd. When I'm typing in a text field, WSAD doesn't affect my cursor at all. However, it does help me to select elements in the UI when I want it to.
  9. Yeah, the bouncing would have had to have been literally programmed in. It chose a random direction to bounce back, and it would randomly bounce a projectile instead of all of them with multishot. They removed that code, they didn't patch a "bug", meaning it's not technically a "fix." >:( Please put it back.
  10. Fix? That's a nice feature I thought.
  11. Oh S#&$ I was sure this hotfix would handle that. :(
  12. Aww man! Fixed the Arca Plasmor's projectiles bouncing off walls instead of exploding on impact.  I thought that was a cool-ass feature! Damn. :(
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