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  1. it is pseudo coop .. ilussion .. cause what if there is a noob that use life sup at 99% ?? coop is when ONE CAN NOT BE DONE WITHOUT OTHER so when rusher is way ahead team then by him self killing boss that isnt coop .. Warframe lack conections between Warframes .. for exp .. Hydriod + Frost .. i would be so cool if forst could freez water skills of hydriod ... etc etc .. or Volt and Hydriod .. etc etc
  2. i personally hate missions types like survival defence etc there are so boring for me so ... one geared .. if u know what i mean , i prefer mission with some goal some task and i don't have to many friends so i need Public cause Solo becoming so boring so fast . Many people don't really know what is Co-Op. Co-Op .. is like in real life ... there is a Fire and people stand in column and pass on a bucket of water .. this is co-op .. for me anyway ... indoor rock climbing you are climbing and someone on the ground is holding a line if case u slip .. this is Co-Op .. Warframe
  3. Hi I recently watch a clip on youtube from E3 gameplay of the game that is 3rd person CO-OP pve shooter, and i started to wonder. IF WarFrame is an CO-OP game ??? The answer is NO, better yet Warframe is far far far away from even being near to be called CO-OP game. There is lack of dependencies : Player on Player . Therefor u got Rushers ( which i personally hate ) , u got Explorers , u got no respect etc etc . Warframe at it base, doesn't need nor encourage you to relying on other players , ok u got revive , bypass doors .. but is that really coop ??? I honestly don't
  4. So No new gun No new warframe hmm ... See you all next Wednesday then .. PS. On Steam there is still old plain Launcher by the way
  5. I hate Survival... cause nobody are playing other missions types
  6. again Female Warframe ... WHY OH WHY ... so many female ... hmmm... maybe it is time for few male warframes ?? AND WHY OH WHY invent something NEW like TENNO HUBs.... instead of adding Arsenal .. Foundry etc etc Rooms to Dojos ... is beyond me and trinity immortal skin is just terrible ...
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