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  1. To repost from the Update thread. I am not sure about your intent regarding clan scoring. I currently have (as of this posting) the following "bests": Orphix Venom: 4880 Advanced: 1034 Endurance: 9183 Will I be contributing: 15097 (All three combined) 9183 (Just the Endurance Score) 9183 (Best score of the 3) to my clan's overall score?
  2. The Scoring for Clans is not completely clear. Is the total Scoring for Trophies based on: "Orphix Venom Best" + "Advanced Best" + "Endurance Best" "Endurance Best" Best score of "Orphix Venom", "Advanced", or "Endurance"
  3. The Secondary Vermispicer Grips do not change the range. Base range seems to be 10 meters for tentacles to "latch" on. Gibber does not increase this range, but Ruinous Extension (+8 meters) does increase the 'latch' range to 18 meters. Would be great if DE could drop a note if this is intended or a bug. Since it impacts how people build around the grips. If there is no Range change all Secondary Vermispicers may as well just be Haymakers. If they are supposed to change range they may end up all being Gibbers (due to the low damage & high crit 'beam', and very minor loss in dama
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