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  1. The Secondary Vermispicer Grips do not change the range. Base range seems to be 10 meters for tentacles to "latch" on. Gibber does not increase this range, but Ruinous Extension (+8 meters) does increase the 'latch' range to 18 meters. Would be great if DE could drop a note if this is intended or a bug. Since it impacts how people build around the grips. If there is no Range change all Secondary Vermispicers may as well just be Haymakers. If they are supposed to change range they may end up all being Gibbers (due to the low damage & high crit 'beam', and very minor loss in dama
  2. Adding in on the disappointment. Too large, especially on smaller resolution (1366x768) Very often items go fully off the screen, and things like Orokin Reactors (from Sortie reward) are even sorted blow junk pickups for "priory" Need to double tap ESC to exit screen Whatever additional post game "loading" is being done (can see the loading icon upper right) cause the UI to frequently ignore the Escape key input press.' This leads to need double input, unlike like the old UI which could be backed out of immediately. Information scatter
  3. Been an issue since Phobos was added. At least with Stealth 0.5 we can finally turn the alarms off again. Which something us stealth players had been asking for... for over a year... as a minimum. DE's not very swift on the stealth mechanics.
  4. This is the reworked Dark Sector PvP Assault style game mode. Calling it a MOBA is perhaps unfair since to date MOBA is functionally the same as " Death Match with Level Up". In this mode one side will Attack, the other Defend. As you kill NPC minions and Players you will gain Mod Energy to reactivate the mod on your Warframe and weapons. This is the equivalent to leveling up. Hopefully DE will eventually be able to make that process granular, with mods increasing 1 rank at time instead it just being an all or nothing thing. Current MOBA come in two forms, Team Death Match (most common) or
  5. You can't force a competitive game. You can built one and hope people come, or you can let people build it themselves and then just write the code to support it. If you try to force a game into e-sports your asking for it to backfire bad. The Dark Sector assault mode is a good first step in a PvP direction that 'could' work, if it the player base picks up on it. However Warframe itself is just to variable to allow ALL combinations of Warframes and equipment from the PvE side. If you want a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena version of Warframe it really does need to be built and balanced separa
  6. The issue is that looting (outside of very early and maybe early mid level play) is not worth the time. I put it down to lack of support for Exploring. The map generation engine already makes dead ends. Those should be exploited to increase the amount/value of loot drops from lockers/containers. The farther off the main path the Tile/Room is the greater chance of Rare drops and quantities should become. Up to and including rare mods and resources. This would increase the value of Exploring. Missions like sabatoge, espionage, and exterminate could all benefit from this.
  7. The solution to reducing or expanding clan sizes seem blatantly obvious to me. Use Ranked Rooms. We already have Ranks (0) Ghost (1) Shadow (2) Storm (3) Mountain (4) Moon Each room has a cost based on Clan Size, and can thus have a Rank. If a Room's rank is lower than the Clan Rank, the room shuts down and locks out all befits. If a Clan drops in Rank, any rooms that are of higher rank remain active. Rooms can be upgraded to a higher rank in advance of increasing clan Rank. This way every clan that grows in size ends up paying the already established "fair" res
  8. The core of game remains grinding. Grinding for Mods, grinding for materials, grinding for gear parts. At the heart of Warframe are Mods. Mods and Mod Energy are the be all and end all of the power progression system. While you may "level" up your Warframe and weapons that leveling in and of itself does not increase your overall power. You MUST find an accumulate Mods to fill in that potential. The best places to do this are any kind of high spawn rate mission. Defense, Mobile Defense, Survival, Interception. The more enemies that spawn, the more swings you get at the Random Loot Drop syst
  9. Which those of us who have been in TF2 for a while were telling DE: "Do not put stats on cosmetics!" They didn't listen, they did it, and now we have Arcane Helmets. .... Kind of like how we are telling them to "not engage in business with the Purchasers, for any reason!" If precedence holds we'll have Lock Boxes for the holidays. Hey now. TF2 updates regularly. Lets not get stuck on Half-Life 3.
  10. Run fast, then come back and laugh at the 3-way brawl.
  11. Warframe would likely make it out of Beta under EA management and maybe make it another solid year. Then EA would get schizo on us and gut THE EVERYTHING because. You can see it with prior companies like Bioware. The game(s) in development during acquisition are released in okay states. Its the stuff that is developed AFTER that suffers.
  12. EA would be an ongoing coin flip. It could go from fine to horrendous to fine year over year. EA is schizophrenicly bad. Which makes them unpredictable, which makes them bad. Nexon, like Perfect World, is just turbo murder-death. Say bye bye to all the nice things.
  13. Parts for the new Frame will have a chance to be available in 15 dollar Lock Boxes, along with other great additions to the game like the color plate for #ACC00F (Chemo Puke Green). Once constructed (in 3 weeks) you will be have the privilege to rent play time on the Harlequin. Buy from PWE stor... DE Market soon. If you also own a Loki Prime forum Avatar you will be able pay to access his powers on Harlequin, each day. This has been a satirical post brought to you by what 'Digital Extremes Ltd., a division of Perfect World Ltd., and Sumpo Food Holdings Limited' will be all to happy to goug
  14. Oh how I wish that were the case. Then we could see Linux/Mac port. No, the PS4 and Xbox both use DirectX with the software version of the Nivida PhysX. Its DirectX & PhysX. It's actually why Warframe can be ported as fast as it can to the Consoles in the first place. And why we will never see Warframe for a Nintendo platform (outside of other issues).
  15. Everyone has platform specific issues, even us on PC don't always have a functioning version between the differences in our Hardware and Operating systems. That is not what we "test" for, at least on for the PS4. What we run head long into are things like the spawn-rates/damage of Laser Traps (those things that were insta-killing us) and other broken mechanics that aren't exactly hardware dependent. Those that get identified and fixed prior to the PS4 version going to Cert get rolled into your update. If this didn't happen it would take days to a week for the next "fix" to go through Cert to
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