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  1. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Juggernaut gets stuck at the exact same spot every single time when in T3 Arcana Bounty making it impossible to progress. Tried abandoning, letting it hit mobs to get past the areas etc and everytime it ends back up stuck at the exact same spot. VISUAL: 1C692683EB77EEE0F6759904770B4ED966201B24 (2560×1440) (akamaihd.net) REPRODUCTION: Do a T3 Arcane Bounty that involved a juggernaut and it will always get stuck on the way to the 2nd polyp. EXPECTED RESULT: Juggernaut digging up 2nd polyp to progress.. OBSERVED RESULT: Juggernaut getting
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: T2 and T3 Vaults(Bonus Objective) requires you to go back to the T1 Vaults(Bonus Objective) to complete VISUAL: no visual. REPRODUCTION: Do a vault normally, and then do a T2 vault after protecting loid and getting the loot(Bonus Objective) it will ask you to go back to the T1 secret vault(Bonus Objective) to complete the objective or the mission wont progress, repeat the above steps for T3 and will still ask you to return to the T1 secret vault location(Bonus Objective) in order for the mission to progress. EXPECTED RESULT: Mission completing
  3. The fish spawn rate are way too horrible, at times you use 1 bait to catch like 2 fish. Most of the other open world fishing was still an enjoyable semi afk chill experience. This one is just too low to even be called decent.
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Spari Fishing Spear from Daughter Instantly kills fishes in the air but no in the water. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Just try to catch a fish EXPECTED RESULT: Catch a fish instead of killing? OBSERVED RESULT: Fish instantly dies. REPRODUCTION RATE: every single time
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