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  1. Do they spawn randomly in missions?
  2. Ember needs something, anything at this point to make her better. She's my favorite frame in the game and I've had her shelved since the last failed "rework."
  3. This! MC would be amazing if it worked the way you described.
  4. I KNEW I wasn't going crazy when I felt that my frames and pets were way taking too much damage. So happy I can readjust my frames and actually have fun doing bounties agan. Also, any news as to when we'll see Garuda changes?
  5. Has the team considered creating a dedicated team who consistently update or rework outdated/underused Warframes? There are many frames that have not aged well, especially as the game progresses and the meta shifts. Many frames haven't kept up and don't really have a place or feel too weak and ineffective. Having a person or a group of people on the team who actively work on addressing Warframes andd their kits specifically could provide a huge benefit to the game and the players who dedicate so much time and love into them.
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