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  1. What is the weird "1000" string at the top of our amp names? Also, I recently found out my advanced map for open worlds don't have clocks/timers indicating how much time left for the next phase (day/night or cold/warm). Is this tied to my current resolution? (using 800x600 for my toaster) DE, pls fix.
  2. Few things: 1. Vazarin's Protective Dash doesn't work on pets...again.. 2. Night at PoE is too dark. And the trees...are a visibility problem when it comes to Eidolon hunts. Could you make them see-through, similar to how see-through allies are under the effects of Unairu's Void Chrysalis, and also allow us to shoot through? And while you're at it, could you do the same for lures? Just my idea of compromise, because I like the trees...during the day only, however.
  3. Something fell through the cracks: Equipping Vazarin's Guardian Shell: When holding melee button to activate ability, taking a fatal hit would return your Operator to your frame but it would look like as though you are spamming your Operator's melee button even if you are in control of your frame now. The following are its effects: 1. There is a visual of the void blast in the body of the frame, although I'm not sure if it functions as a real void blast with the capability of knocking enemies back 2. Since it looks like your Operator is spamming melee (from inside your frame), your Transference energy keeps getting depleted; as soon as just enough energy has been regenerated for another void blast, you will automatically void blast, leaving it effectively depleted and Transference is thus unusable. Notes: 1. I understand you reduced the 'cone' for blocking because we auto-block now, but you might want to look into Guardian Shell's effectiveness. I don't know, but I get the feeling its cone is also reduced, seeing how Operators kinda move slightly to where we aim our void blasts, in other words, Operators seemed to have been affected by new slam attack mechanics brought upon by Melee 2.999998, among other melee-related changes. 2. I'm not sure about this one but Vazarin's Protective Dash works as intended now: I can now heal my pets again with it but it wasn't mentioned in the patch notes. Might want to include that change in the upcoming fixes. 3. The visual of void blast for Vazarin looks horizontal, instead of the usual vertical from other schools.
  4. DE, could you also check if your rewards visuals are correct? Today my friend and I did Survival Arbitrations and by Rot C we got Adaptation...or so we thought. Then upon return, we got that grass ephemera nobody wants to have instead of Adaptation. It seems we got the ephemera but what it showed in the screen was Adaptation. It's frustrating.
  5. Vazarin's Protective Dash still doesn't heal pets. DE pls fix.
  6. DE, could you please fix Vazarin's 1. inability to heal allies (pets, for example), but good thing, the dash still works for frames and eidolon lures. 2. inability to void blast when guardian blast is equipped thank you
  7. Thank you for this, but I found more: 1. Vazarin's Protective Dash only heals the warframe, and not allies. I tried void dashing into the ground, which was my method of healing my cat when it happens to be under the Eidolon too, but I suppose that change "dashing without displacement will register no collision to objects around" broke this. I tried to dash into the cat while coming from a different position, i.e., I moved with the dash, but it still didn't heal her. 2. Capturing the Teralyst doesn't yield a Brilliant Eidolon Shard, effectively halting the hunt prematurely. I knew I capped him since two of my lures disappeared after the fight, meaning both were fully charged at the time of cap, but still, no drop. 3. The Plains at night looks like Earth sortie with Fog condition. Please fix. Also, please please consider reverting that change wherein void dashing without displacement won't 'collide' with enemies. Thank you.
  8. You've broken the Eidolon fights on this one. Bugs I encountered so far: 1. Terry isn't attacking except for those homing projectiles which passively fire anyway; it's just walking around, odder than normal as it even tried to get inside the cave near the geyser. 2. Garry isn't even playable at the moment as it teleports after every attack. Stomp, energy pillars, teleport. Orange dome, stomp, teleport. Because of these I couldn't even witness how spectacular Garry must have been in this broken state. 3. This is the worst offender: somehow, I have no idea how, shield gating applies to the lures (Hildryn pls, don't flex all over the place). Shoot them just enough to remove their shields, their HP will turn gray for a moment. It breaks the flow and makes you question your Rubico Prime build. Please fix. And also, we solo hunters can no longer deal some small, but appreciated bonus damage with the Meteoric Dash no longer affecting the Eidolons when we dash in place (at their foot, while waiting for amp to recharge). Could you guys revert this change? (while keeping the Magus Revert and Lockdown combo unusable if that's what concerns you)
  9. Thanks for this. Could you also take a look at this?
  10. From the other recent hotfix, it said: Fixed Arbitration Warframe Mods being usable in Archwing missions I get it that the mod being referred here is Adaptation, but for some reason, after loading into my Archwing (in Vallis) and bumping into terrain intentionally, the icon that shows the accumulated % damage reduction still shows up in HUD, BUT the mod no longer works (I mean I can tell, taking huge chunks off of my shields with every bump). What is worse is that it seems to be no longer working even when I'm not using Archwing. I speculate that the code or its effect that restricts use of Adaptation in AW somehow got passed down to my frame. Also, that bounty where you have to look and investigate dead bodies and eventually rescue others from a garage-like building, this one auto-fails once I enter the yellow area indicated in the map. Please fix these.
  11. The mission still says "Dark Sector", however. Kind of alarming.
  12. I don't know how long this has been here, but, with Arbitrations, I guess it's time to do something about it. Bug: when you do a standing finisher in which the animation positions your warframe above a pit fall, when the animation ends, you indeed fall, but when you respawn you are immobile. /unstuck doesn't work, transeference doesn't work. What only works is pressing the direction keys and you appear to treadmill on some invisible omnidirectional treadmill. This has cost me my run today and it's beyond frustrating thinking this isn't my fault. I just leisurely watched my health be owned by the Corpus.
  13. Something fell through the cracks. As of now the current Arbitration mission is this Dark Sector node in Kelashin, Neptune. When you click the Arbitration mission via the Alerts Tab, the game actually sends you to the Dark Sector mission. When you manually go over to Nepture via the star chart, the game doesn't present you with two options like it normally would for 'overloaded' nodes (arbitration and dark sector mission), only the dark sector one.
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