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  1. Well what you said implies that you haven't studied it. My point was skill is involved and you're wrong about mechanics being abused by the people that are actually good
  2. @Krion112 I feel you, but I'd just call it "knowing the ropes" or something. Every weapon that's usable isn't good, which isnt the players fault at all. Im not saying it's okay, but you can't say its anybody else's fault if you didn't know a particular weapon was bad in conclave. Trust me, there is actually a lot of skill involved when you study what's going on. The learning curve is pretty bad because PvE is so brain dead, that it doesn't even require you to tweak settings or do anything besides shoot fat stationary targets, so I can't blame you for being pushed away from high speed parkour ninja pvp. Also, I wouldn't call the movement unbalanced because everyone can do the same parkour. The mobility stat matters to a degree, but everyone is capable of the same stuff. If you're playing free for all, then you just gotta be smart unless you dont care about dying. I'm not gonna say I can shoot a bullet jumping ninja right out of the air in an instant, but it helps to know that they probably can't kill you while they're didging/running away so planning accordingly to be offensive or evasive is a good thing to do. I'm just trying to get the point across that conclave isnt just a bunch of people killing each other with bugs and bad mechanics.
  3. This part is actually wrong. You're entitled to your own opinion but this is wrong and I'd even argue that its not an opinion and more of an incorrect hypothesis you came up with. There's only a few weapons that are exploitable weapons. Mainly AoE, so if you get stomped by someone who mains Bratons and Swords, then you just lost fair and square. What "manipulative issues" were you even referring to ? I mean, people might use knock downs and staggers to get a free shot here and there but... manipulative issues ?????
  4. I don't even get what the problem is. Who cares if you need ducats to rank up? You're gonna need something to rank up with, right ? Just because the slightest bit of PvE resources are needed for/ acquired from conclave. It's just ducats man. I got a Forma blueprint from conclave recently. Is that a problem also ?
  5. This is the real reason people don't play conclave. Its definitely not as brain dead as pve. They see how fast paced it is and run away, or they see one spammer and think every conclave player ever is like that. I'd also disagree with you on the syandana being the only incentive. I personally think the syandana is ugly. I just find conclave fun. I think it's more fun to go in there and flex on ppl with your skins and ephemera tho
  6. I mean it's not that big of a lobby ruiner for me but its really for the sake of new players that don't know what's going on. Or people who suck at dodging
  7. Yeah. I was pissed when I saw Cobra and Crane wasn't in it. I may be wrong but wasn't Wolf Sledge the most recent weapon to be added ? At this point tho, I can expect any new frame to not be Included because of their abilities. That's kind of a good thing but also a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. But one thing I can't agree with you on is Telos. That S#&$'s gotta go. No questions asked
  8. Yep. Even I put the snipetron down for a while. It was all I would use for a good while. Gun blades do sound interesting tho. And while they’re at it, they could add the stance for that and the one for the two handed Nikana. Now I think certain frames should get balanced too. Nezha and Atlas are the ones I see spammed the most. Divine Spears will one shot most frames unless they have good enough health and shields. Also has a near instant cast time. Nezha definitely shouldn’t start matches with full energy because people resort to this as soon as the match starts most of the time. Oberon’s 4 can catch you pretty fast if you’re in range, but at least he’s vulnerable during the whole thing. Nezha just does the move and is completely free to move right after Atlas on the other hand, just causes a petrify effect when casting rumblers. The only issue is that the duration of the petrify is extremely long. Long enough for them to gloat before actually killing you. i can’t think of any other powers that are too broken, but a few are quite underwhelming. They could always update teshin with more augment mods. Maybe even some skins for the newer weapons 🤷🏽‍♂️
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