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  1. ty for the hotfix but goddamn, the new ui, it frankly annoys me it lacks old ones functionality, please for the love of god functionality over looks, you cannot see your weapon ranks anymore in the end of mission screen and the way ui displayed resources and damage dealt, ect. stats was better in old one. in addition, after doing a mission you used to be able to click on your top left icon and leave squad, now you cant. what is the point of the new ui if it adds extra unneccesarry menu layers you need to click through and actually worsens functionality, been doing a few missions and it kind
  2. this is pretty promising, but one thing i'd like to mention, you could cut down on the time for enemy detection to trigger that got implemented for enemies because of stealth frames otherwise were instantly killed upon leaving stealth, as it is now its a bit too long, when you blast through levels at higher speed just bulletjumping they seem to barely notice you. Also for enemy ai this is perfect place to experiment with it imo, like for warframe perfect way to implement difficulty imho would be looking at Rage 1 enemies, bobbing and weaving, enemies doesn't need to deal massive amou
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