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  1. Any news on the raids? Steve nearly mentioned in his gauss stalling stream something i think but at that time there wasn't enough progress or something to warrant talking about it... Really liked the disruption gamemode, any plans to add more stealth oriented missions? Maybe some recon or diversion missions? Maybe any chance for a slight rework of evacuation gamemode since it does feel that its missing something.... or once empyrean deploys more assault gamemode missions? Anyhow.... basically any chance for more mission types? And tywm for tirelessly working on improving the game ❤️
  2. lovely 😄 ember and vauban reworks, super hyped about that! on a different note, any chance for archguns to get a fully functional loadout slot? especially on worse connections and more demanding game moments its pretty hard to get your archgun out. could you maybe atleast make it client side? it shouldnt matter that much to host what weapon you are using compared to operator/warframe swapping. also i realy love the idea of hiding loading screens behind some animation or little thing to doodle with like moving with your ship around while you load? any chance of this getting redone with empyrion? all the new amazing space tilesets should be wonderfull 😄 also on that, could you add manual extraction option to cetus and fortuna? i'd love if i could get out of cetus without going into menus because sometimes its more satisfying to simply walk back and press x than press esc and leave... another thing im wondering is if there's any plans to further clean up the ui, for example there's sometimes too many clicks neccesarry that could simply be an easy mouseover tooltip thing like with mission nodes - base mission/fissure/invasion/nightmare mode/sortie all stacked on one node sometimes is annoying to deal with, even with just one extra mission on single node, imo its completely unnecessary to have the whole screen fade out to display 2 buttons that could simply appear as a tooltip on hover over or atleast please mitigate the need to have clickthrough things have buttons in opposite sides , all could easily be bundled tighter together with ui looking a lot smoother. does steve got any new cool graphical goodies for us to see? i realy like how game basically got a facelift with partly implementing new lighting engine stuff and metallic reflections getting redone... could we see more light stuff coming out of light sources not light nodes because sometimes it just goes bad, i like to mess around on my orbiter a lot and just walking around orbiter light doesnt go how it should, operator getting shadows where it should be lit pretty well according to surrounding lights, hoping new orbiter gets this sorted out... i really appologise for rambling, its late in my neck of the woods, love the game and give you all full support to achieve best you can, in the time you want
  3. been doing phorid assasination invasions every now and then but didnt realy have time to do the zealot derilicts.... im sitting on 30 or so zealot derilict keys and im wondering if they will simply become nothing more than a memento after series 2 are done or will they dissapear like the series nightwave cred? 🤔
  4. 😄 ember rework, nice, finally! (ember's issue was that it had set it and forget it ability, which caused the nerf for her world on fire 4th ability making it halve in range after couple seconds of use, though that only made her for worse because it restricted her to lower level content where the issue was in the first place, for example running fissure missions ahead of everyone killing everything in range, which that didn't really stop, but it stopped people from using her altogether because her 4 with knockdown augment helped her survive in the higher levels even if it didn't do jack for damage...) i really hope ember comes together real good, love its aesthetic, and it would only be fair that ember could again reach the usefulness level of frost.... i'd love if ember got the ''stoke the flames'' suggestion that shy and also whiskey_cat had made where using first 3 ember's abilities increases the damage and range of her 4 and that would completely eliminate the ''set it and forget it'' complaint ember had in the first place. and vauban.. so far the sneak peaks of his rework seem really promising and i'm sure it will pan out great, really looking forward to seeing his difficulty to acquire and build being matched in power or usefulness 😄
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