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  1. The current arbitrage after the latest updates have become easier. Some modes today do not represent any difficulty for the player. I propose to add elite arbitrations, which will be more difficult than usual. Now the choice will be 3 different elite arbitrage you can choose from at the NPC Arbiter of hexis, they will change every hour To enter the elite mission of arbitration will be required to Deposit 10 Vitus essences. This essence returns along with the rest of the rewards at the end of the Missy if it was completed successfully. If the mission failed - 10 essences is not refundable. If the mission fails due to the death of players or other moments - you get only earned in the game Vitus essence (endo, sculpture and more you do not get) All sculptures will be of maximum level (completely filled with stars) The awards will not be mods, only endo and full sculpture. More about it is written below. Upon the death of a ally, it will be possible to revive only in the next ~360 seconds. Applicable to the ordinary arbitration If we talk about the rewards for the mission "Endgame", I want to know what made DE add to the permanent awards certain mods when the store they are also there. Why not move all the mods to the store? In the inventory are 20+ mods of each type. Much more than I need, and why? I go to the survival mode, spend an hour of my time on this longest mode and get 6 miserable awards, 2 of which are mods. I'm silent about the excavation and its effectiveness for the same hour. It makes a big difference.
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