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  1. What in God's name are you smoking? Literally, how is it possible for you to go this off tangent from the OP's intention? Semantics has nothing to do with this. The player you responded to clearly reasoned it out for you: "Person A says 'that's basically prime vault' OP says 'yeah but they take forever to come' OP wants unvaulting prices at the end of prime access. THE "Prime Access" goes to vault even though the frame is not vaulted. He wants the initial packs." The ONLY thing you have been doing this entire time is looking at the word "vault" and nothing else. Then you go off thinking that it's a reference to your obscure thread right here (Link) -- which, by the way, IS NOT what anyone else in this thread is even talking about. Edit: We're also being condescending because you obviously haven't given any real thought to this, to the point of it being insulting.
  2. Ok, why are you still arguing this? You're obviously not on the same page as anyone else on this thread; you have been arguing for something entirely different from the OP's post this entire time. Why even bring up "context" if YOU haven't taken the time to actually grasp the topic? Are you not embarrassed? Here is how context actually works: Instead of concentrating on just a few words in the OP’s line, you need to consider the circumstances that surround it. "I agree but certain unvaultings take months to come before people can buy it at discounts" is the OP’s response to another player (quoted below). “If we think about it Unvaulted packs are already "on-sale" (in a sense, at least) since they cost way less than they did during their Prime Access. Less plat per pack though, at least from a console's PoV.” The OP is responding directly (which implies acknowledgement of context) to a reply that explains why his idea is unnecessary, in that the Prime Access items are discounted once re-released a few years after the sale ends. Since the Prime Access items that are re-released in the Prime Vault are not further discounted, you should be able to reason that the topic under question is, in fact, the current Prime Access (for Atlas Prime). So far, all of this means that you have been wrong this entire time and haven’t even tried to understand the topic before responding to it. In fact, you have misconstrued the thread topic to the point that you've been arguing for something else entirely -- for the Prime Access pack to be released once more after it is retired and before it is released 2-3 years later in the Prime Vault. Get your facts straight before you respond. And stop using terms and concepts you clearly have no fundamental grasp over. Big words don't exactly make you sound smarter if you're going to flub it.
  3. What is this reasoning of yours? You’re the one who is referring to the next frame to be vaulted in December (Zephyr Prime). The OP is referring to the current Prime Access. If the OP’s suggestion was made a reality today, it wouldn’t apply to Zephyr Prime, but rather to Atlas Prime (Link). Lol “misunderstanding” and “poorly worded,” eh? Guess we found the guy under the rock.
  4. Lol Why are people even providing serious responses to this guy? The logic behind the OP’s proposal is beyond questionable to the point of being laughable. You would have to be living under a rock for most of your life to even consider his marketing ploy sound.
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