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  1. Wut? I'm glad I'm not the only one in the dark lol
  2. I was very upset today to learn that the colors of the flowers for the helminth are based upon the colors of the frames. I feel like this information should have been in the warning dialogue. A solution would be to implement a way via the decorate menu to change their colors. It's frustrating to find this out after spending so much time refarming every frame and resources. And since I've already subsumed the majority of them, I'm basically SOL. I just can't believe there was no warning about it. I only discovered this by accident when I made an all black frame which does not make a p
  3. Clan name: Irken Stalkers Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PS4 Clan role: Warlord Feature image: Our dojo features a central market that's home to a restaurant/bar, a bank that houses Tenno posts, along with four neighboring merchants. For entertainment, Tenno have a massive concert hall, an aquarium, dueling arena, as well as an old school arcade and chess board that's guarded by a massive ice snake. There is also a massive labyrinth that is still under construction due to loss of financial support. The dojo also features a helpdesk to assist wayward Tenno.
  4. This was mentioned in pc bugs too so it appears cross platform. I'm experiencing the same.
  5. Given that the segment is locked until rank 3, I'm assuming the door will open at that point. It also opens for Nidus without a cyst. Railjack is amazing tho, not sure why the hate.
  6. This issue appears cross platform. Cutting 3 vitreospina, one at a time, yielded me 1 section. Also, spawn rates seem really low. Took about 45 min fishing to get 3 to show up. Now I'm also worried that I didn't get the cut drops from all the other fish I caught during that time either.
  7. I'm not one to typically complain, but this is tantamount to having no drop for long time players. How about Gauss instead or another new frame that we're less likely to have 100 bps for already? Or a frame that requires rare resources like nitain. Regardless, I do appreciate the pre built drops the past 2 weeks. See you on Thursday!
  8. Danielle, after Deadlock Protocol dropped and I updated my game, I've been playing the last 3 hours with no issues now. It looks like the issue may be resolved with the update, at least for me. Also, I'd like to say that I truly appreciate you looking into this so quickly and working to resolve it! I really don't understand why there's so much hate in this thread for an issue that's only affecting a small amount of the player base. You were investigating less than a day after everyone started commenting in threads mentioning they were experiencing the same. Can't ask for much mo
  9. I've been experiencing same thing with frequent server not responding issues all of a sudden. I'm usually host and there's no lag on my end or my friends. I've been told there's been an update about 5 times in last 5 hours that forced me to close and relaunch game and there was no update to download. Restarting ps4 or game only seems to resolve it temporarily. Update: These are happening more and more frequently that it starts virtually after I launch the game now. Playing on Switch, I encounter zero issues so it's not an ISP/connectivity issue. This only started after DP was announ
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