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  1. So excited!!!! Can't wait for New War!
  2. Glad to know. I got concerned when I tried to remove it and it gave me prereq error. Can you confirm if the grand hall must be built directly off it first for it to be removed? That was my assumption anyway after the error earlier.
  3. Hi Helen, Would you be able to clarify if we can remove the starting clan hall of we build a grand hall off of it? I swore I read or heard it mentioned a while back that we would be able to delete it once we've built the grand hall but I've been searching and been unable to find this information. I'm currently in the middle of a remodel and will need to adjust accordingly if I am mistaken. Thanks for your time!
  4. An update I would love to see is a way to either toggle shadows on/off for decorations or ideally a shadow intensity slider. For example, I made a steampunk room using Fortuna machinery and piping for the walls and ceiling. It looked amazing before I funded all of the decorations. However, after they finished building, the entire room was black and you could barely see anything and had to scrap the entire room. It was very disappointing. I ran into the same problem when building a multi story house. On the same token, there are some decorations that don't cast a shadow or a very minimal one where darkening the room would add a great aesthetic. For example I made a cave under the floor that I would love to darken but is as bright as the rest room. A shadow intensity slider would solve for these concerns as well as decorations like lights that generate soft ambient lighting versus the small harsh light cone decoration. I know it was mentioned by others, but there's still a good amount of redzones - particularly when trying add flooring underneath the panels in drydock. Also, about a third of the circular platform leading to the RJ opposite the panels still does not allow decorations to be placed. Also, if we can't fix the children room destruction issues, can we at least have an option to swap the room for another room? Since all of the new halls are the same size, maybe we could utilize something like the open space backdrop to swap between entrati/infested/corpus halls? Can't wait for the newest round of updates!
  5. Negative feedback: Some missions take 20+ minutes to complete even with me speed running with Gauss. When entering a Priority Target alone, it takes forever because there's 3-4 waves of drones each spawning 200m away in 3 separate directions. Also, sometimes targets are 800m away when entering ships. There's a lot of running and it's really boring and unnecessarily time consuming. All of that results in rushing and not enjoying the scenery like the Derelicts. Corpus defense tileset needs adjusted. This mission was already absurdly long to begin with taking almost 20 minutes for 5 waves(on SP anyway) and now that's inside another mission, it's so much worse. Maybe get rid of the ground floor and defense target elevator to speed it up? Relaying orders takes too long and the AI pilot is awful at times. In the time it takes to relay an order so I can hop on artillery, my RJ is almost blown up. And even when the objectives are done save crewships, my pilot was flying away from enemies and wouldn't even look at the crewships for me. We need some major improvements here or let us fire artillery from pilot seat. The alerts menu needs new tabs. It's a minor annoyance, but there's far too much to scroll and I am not a fan. Can we move nightmare missions and void storm to their own tabs? I want to use my railjack, not other players. Previously if I launched from the navigation terminal of my RJ, I would be host. And if I launched from navigation in my orbiter, I'd go through matchmaking. As an MR30, my ship is likely going to be a better setup than some of the low MR Tenno I'm being paired with. While I know a lot of stats are shared now, I don't believe the weapons are nor are the weapon choices.(correct me if I'm wrong here) But really it boils down to I just really wanna see my fashionjack. The only time I get to see it is in my dojo :( Please don't remove main objectives from HUD when entering Priority Targets. I wanna know what my squadmates are doing. Should I teleport to help them or recall to RJ? Positive feedback: These missions are really fun. I really love the SS approach where we're always moving and completing different objectives and not staying in the same room forever. It's one of the reasons I love Disruption. Rail Shanties. Can we get some more please and also be able to play them during missions? I was so excited and set my controller down just listening to it, I missed out playing as Sevagoth which I thought was neat. Loving the Dojo updates and new decorations. That being said, while the no decoration zone around doors was improved, there's still a decent area where decorations can't be placed. I swore I read or heard we could place decorations through doors but I can't even go up to the door, let alone through it. I'm experiencing the same issue with certain terminals(RJ) not allowing me to set a floor beneath them. The opposite side of terminals in dry dock also doesn't let you place any decorations past a point that the terminal side lets you. Mission voting is one the best RJ improvements. I can't tell you how happy I am for this. Too many times a rogue Tenno has broken up our squad by taking us to the dojo rather than simply leaving (because abort mission normally means you lose all rewards and they don't realize each mission loot is saved) Love the Optional objectives and automarking Derelicts.
  6. TYPE: In Game - RJ DESCRIPTION: Particle Ram/Tether doesn't work on PS4 for me. Pushed R1 and square, nothing happened. No shield, no shield launch.. Black hole and munitions vortex worked fine. Another Tenno was running PR successfully so it's only affecting me to my knowledge right now. REPRODUCTION: Equip particle ram/tether and try to use it EXPECTED RESULT: Particle Ram shield should go up or launch forward depending/tether should fire OBSERVED RESULT: Nothing happened REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% every time I try to use it and occurred on several different missions and with different mods in same slot. It doesn't appear to effect all Tenno. Update: It appears that no matter which battle avionic I put in this slot, it will not work and nothing happens. I can reload guns/interact, so it's not a controller issue. 2nd Update: My clanmate Spookyghost15 is also experiencing the same issue with being unable to utilize square slot to offensive abilities. PS - I love the Rail Shanty!
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