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  1. After watching the New War Gameplay then look at teshin and how he's Gameplay turns out, I see a more grounded yet very capable and power fantasy shooting game that is not boring anymore, unlike now that all of us are like gods who ignores gravity and do missions like it's a freaking need for speed, the fact that you will naturally engage yourself through enemies, environment and absorbed the beauty of the world not just fly around like a jet makes me enjoy the game more, don't get me wrong; bullet jump is good but not as ridiculous as what we have now. The quick fix is to adopt the jump mechanic of K-Drive to Bullet jump, that you need to charge it to jump that high, or else you use a regular double jump at best, OR ATLEAST make the bullet jump mechanism very close to what teshin is doing in the gameplay. Other example: Parazon = Fast Grappling Hook and Multi Purpose Tool. Also the introduction of cross play and cross save to almost all devices makes a benchmark to other developers to follow, kudos to DE.
  2. I also reported that art bug yesterday, hope DE have time to even look at this.
  3. This Side Gun doesn't supposed to be here. fix it, remove it. https://postimg.cc/JH8Bdfj3 this is the screenshot i took.
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