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  1. Nothing to do with builds or loadouts. What PhoeniixFiire describing are clear signs of bad host - usually running a weak PC that can't keep up with this intense fight, causing everything host-side to be delayed or not registered at all.
  2. So, I decided to try Arbitration again to see the changes for myself. The mission was infested survival, I went pug as Inaros. I used to take Nova for arbitration (and only do excavation), but I don't want my teammates to get punished if i'll die, so that was the end of that. We were two Inaros, one Rhino and Hydroid Prime. Guess who died 5 (!) Times before just aborting after the fifth death, 48 minutes in. I never saw Hydroid in arbitration before, and for a good reason. For the rest of us, the mission was brain-dead easy. In no point I felt challenged or even engaged, regular Mot is more interactive than that. After 50 minutes I gave up and extracted. For my effort I got two tokens and a blu... I mean, three sculptures and some Endo. I don't know who thought it's OK, but if the reward after 10 minutes of 'endgame' activity is something I can find on the floor in any regular mission, I don't really have a reason to do said activity.
  3. I agree with those who want a permanent opt-out of Volt's speed. I'd love to see an option like that and I'll keep aborting when I get squad up with a speed happy Volt. I don't like it, it's not fun for me nor helping me, all it does if break my flow and muscle memory. If I want to move fast, I'll take Mirage or Titania with Telos Boltace and outrun most Volt players. If I want melee attack speed I'll take Valkyr. More that that, the only time I manage to down myself with the Corinth's alt-fire was thanks to such Volt with very unfortunate timing. As for Arbitration - DE, please. You have tens of pages full of feedback from players who actually played this game mod (Which you clearly don't) and are telling you loud and clear what are the actual problems with it, non of those got addressed with the recent 'revisit'. Please take the time to read those carefully, rethink about this game mod purpose, identity and reward structure. So we could all have a fun, challenging and rewarding game mod that don't feel like a time-wasting, unrewarding endless grind for those 2.0% chance rewards buried under unwanted filler. Don't let it become another Archwing/Conclave/Lunaro - a dead game mod nobody touch.
  4. I'm all for more frequent changes to riven disposition. but when changing the actual values on a riven you can break builds. Slotting a riven on a weapon already require at least 1-2 forma in most cases. If a riven got changed and now doesn't serve its purpose (less than 100% status on shotguns, for example) the build is broken and the forma goes to waste, or need more forma to be able fix it. I think we should at least get something when our rivens changes, forma or some kuva, so we could try and fix our builds. Otherwise its just not worth it to invest in a build that will possibly break in three months.
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