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Hi, my name is Fr0stByt, and yes, that is a zero in the place of the o :) I always imagined it as one of those digital looking 0s on the alarm clocks with the little LED lights.


There is actually a big story behind the use of that for my name, but to skip the mysticism and more fantastic side of things, I was given a nick name of sorts. Spyke (pronounced Spike) Icefang. So we can sort of change that up a little bit. Ice -> Frost. Fang -> Bite -> Byte -> Byt (Still pronounced bite despite the spelling). Change the o into a 0 to make it stick with the techy theme and we have Fr0stByt! YAY!

I'm a team player about 90% of the time, and I like to stay behind with my allies fighting the hordes of on coming enemies. I like playing stealthy if I can, trying to go through the levels silent, but I do enjoy the one man army game play too. I don't like rushing through the levels too much. I feel the DEVs put too much time and effort into making this game look as beautiful, sexy, and bad &#! as they have for us to just rush through the maps all the time. I am not totally against a good rush run, depending on how I'm feeling, but I like playing it like a commando. Squad style combat and that stuff.


My main Warframe is Ash, which I use for most missions. I have a Frost that I use for most Defense missions (Snow Globe OP!), as well as a Volt and Excalibur Prime. Why yes, I did buy a founder's package, how did you know :)


To date, I can say I've spent an easy $100 on this game, and I think I'll spend a little more as I continue to play. The work Digital Extremes has put into this game is incredible for the time frame they've had, and I'm beyond excited to see the kind of insane, beautiful, space ninja amazingness they will come up with in the future.

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