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  1. Let's just face it. 1. K-drives are useless and poorly designed 2. Archwing is more comfortable to use 3. Itzal is the only goodly designed one that has both blink and vacuum. Solution would be to add vacuum-like thing as paasive or mod to every archwing, greatly buff other archwing speeds and delete k-drives because they are nothing but mr fodder
  2. IGN: Lysithea.Nya MR: 21 Russia Current clan - Phoenix league Started playing around summer 2018 Discord: Eternita#4037 Came back after around month of a break and looking for active clan
  3. Hi! Could you do this one? https://youtu.be/lxcze86uRzU?t=62 Loop fragment from 1:02 to either 1:08 or 1:13 Thanks
  4. Hello, I would like to join your clan. IGN - rsod25 MR - 20 Current clan - SaintsWarriors (I want to change it because that clan isn't active) Country - Russia I'm relatively new to Warframe, started playing around 4-5 months ago and interested to join an active clan. I have and actively use discord, but text only. I'd like to join either of your clans. Thanks.
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