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  1. 7 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    Do the Grustrag Three spawned in Earth, Mercury, Ceres, and Saturn missions for The Pyrus Project have the same drop chances as they do in non-Pyrus Project missions? 

    Since the G3 spawn at a higher rate in these missions during The Pyrus Project they do not drop any of the items from what you would expect from a regular visit from the trio. However, if a Grustrag Three Beacon is used on these missions they will spawn with their expected drops.

    Could of swore I heard someone on the DevStream say this would be a good way to farm the Brakk. Guess they figured that was a bad idea.

    Read that the fake G3 are removing the death mark. If thats true, this is going to make even harder to farm the Brakk over the next 2 weeks.

  2. 20 minutes ago, Nemerida said:

    For your consideration:

    Trinity as a starter frame instead of Mag, since the Magnet Mistress is easely farmed from The Sargeant on Phobos. Trinity's skill set is far more in demand and that way the options for new players are more varied; cc/dps, support, speedboi.(Instead of GOOD STARTER FRAME, eh, speedboi mczap)

    I may be biased, but Ambulas can go ahead and divide by zero.

    ~Best Wishes, Nemerida 

    Only issue I have with Ambulas is the Animo NAV grind. They dont spawn frequently enough to need 40 per fight. I like to grind, but the spawns are just brutal.

    At least with Kela De Thaym you had 3 different nodes to get Judgement Points. Higher the level, the more points you got. Along with a lower entry fee. I didnt find grinding for Saryn all that bad.

  3. 1 hour ago, (Xbox One)CptFuzzy1974 said:

    Yes PC streamers got the highly broken twitch drops to help them generate new veiwers.

    The promotion was not put in place to grow anybodies stream, just stop it. They got false viewership or false hope that their channel would grow faster then usual. After the promotion, they all went back to their normal live view numbers. Also, a lot of those PC streamers also stream on Consoles. The generic twitch drops ended up broken because it was overloading the system, so they had to stop it. It caused people to not get drops and some to get them. That is not a system anybody wants in place. Better to just shut it down and test it as time goes by, and that is what they are doing on the Warframe channel. Its still buggy, and they are working on it.

  4. 2 minutes ago, (Xbox One)CptFuzzy1974 said:

    When it was open to all player it should stay open to all not just pc. That was the second straight stream xbox got nothing. Yes with all that combined its not right. And those exclusive packs we pay cash for. Its not just because we play on a certian console....

    You do know that she changed it up because the people that were getting picked werent responding. Their streams are a hour, and at the rate people were responding, they would of had to go on for hours. So instead of giving away nothing, she decided to do it through messaging in-game. They happen to be on PC. Its better then them not giving away anything, cause if they did that, people would be unhappy too.

    The twitch drop thing is a buggy system, and they have to push it to 3 different platforms. Updates and such take time to work bugs out moving them to each platform. Relax, listen and use common sense. They arent duping the console players on purpose. Its all a working process.

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