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  1. The should make this a feature
  2. Seems that old salad made a deal with some enemy of mankind again and now he is fed up with the sentient birdy babysitting him (and trashing the city)
  3. I hope the new vandals got a nice buff compared to their normal variants or they will land in the fodder category again
  4. The only one I really want; Ferrox vandal with 500 raw damage, 50% crit & x3.0 default crit damage (1.00 sec charge time and 5% status chance) - Its currently outclassed by many other guns but got some style and nice design The ones that would be nice down the line: Krohkur wraith for style - Its better than most single swords but the entire class is underperforming imo Buzlok wraith - Who doesn't want to wield a red striped baguette of death(and painful reloads)? Convectrix vandal - Give it a good buff and this thing might be useful
  5. He means that most clans give them away for free if you ask them nicely
  6. Lol "hard work" is now the term for something that people willingly did (in a game btw) well knowing that things will change in the future? "disrespect" means to allow people to have the shiny stuff for a cost thats at least 10 times higher than the already existing way? Know what? I'm a veteran and I don't give a flying fck about event stuff coming back. You wanna know whats really lame? I farmed the rakta syandana when they released the new rescue missions back in 2014. It took me a lot of time because I still had newbie gear back then. I also played to get all event weapons since gradivus (only missed one event bc of broken PC) and can say without doubt that the exclusive rights were long enough. Did I get upset and run to the forums to whine about such a vicious cruelty? No! Why? Because I'm no child anymore that cries when someone else gets the chance to play with the old toys I once used to enjoy. (and still do) Whats up with this elitist mentality coming up again? We had the same discussions back when the first event goodies came back for people that joined in late. You want DE to take away half your weapons and gear because people before you had the "hard work" to grind them in the past? Its like watching some drug dealers complain about a new shop that sells the same for a higher price. Btw; I can recommend the MH series if you want to complain about recurring event rewards. They might appreciate your white knighting for some "oppressed veterans" over there.
  7. Seems like OP never had to go through EA support... @sHeepzeraSince we don't have any useful info from your side, we can't do anything else than speculate and remind you that ranting on the forums won't help your case. If you are desperate for a fast resolve then you can try to contact them through twitter.
  8. Dunno what you are on about with #2 and #4 Her CC element is good enough for a decoy gimmick and if you think revenant ult damage is bad then you are playing him wrong.
  9. Just wait until its matured. Your entire party can ride it into battle.
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