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  1. Only the first "copy" of the kuva variant weapon will give MR
  2. It would be nice to give them a special fighter role on your ship. A.I. invasion squad anyone? Or what about manning the defensive guns without the need for additional players?
  3. My delivery arrived today (I was quite surprised because the dpd tracking code didn't work) and I'm positively impressed. The statue looks quite exquisite and is easier to assemble than other models. The mold and paint job quality is also superb. I also have valkyr and nyx. One of valk's plugs wasn't on point and it took me a while to scratch bigger holes and thin the bolts without damaging the paint too much. Imo the price for the umbra statue is on point and I would definitely buy other models with the same build concept. (There is a magnet to hold the hand in place) The shirt on the other hand is a bit "cheap" for nearly the same price as the statue. Its too thin and feels a bit too much like plastic. (imo, its 100% polyester after all) It looks cool though. I'm looking forward to more of these high quality merch pieces but I also hope the communication will be better in the future.
  4. What are you gonna do? Poke her with your dagger?
  5. No mail or shipment order yet. I hope they will deliver before the end of the year
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