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  1. The Zanuka Hunter is a different one than the original in the Alad V bossfight
  2. If you have 800 ping all the time then its most likely your connection who is to blame instead of the host...
  3. Banshees sonar is actually a really good damage buff and Hydroid can provide more loot. Nyx is still useless most of the time even when doing it for the lolz. Its a shame that Zephyr never had what it takes to be actually viable. Her recent buffs helped a bit but she's still lackluster compared to most other frames
  4. That seems to be a problem caused by the network provider. He should check the connection stability to figure out why its happening regularly .
  5. Lavos's boots look interesting too
  6. The Empyrean Nezha skin got pawsies. (read that in a squeaky anime voice) Too bad they didn't stick to the concept art though. Those claws look badass.
  7. Taxon was released in U19.10 (09.Feb.2017) and got designated as help for new players. Its also cheaper than other sentinels. (easy crafting materials and free BP VS 100k/50k/15k credits for other BPs) Only Oxylus was released later in U24.0 (08.Nov.2018) Djinn and Diriga also lack a variant (shade got prisma)
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