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  1. The secondary attack has a damage windup that takes way too long and is a joke compared to other beam weapons. Infinite ammo isn't even useful outside of open worlds and the health "leaching" (stagger + 3 waves with 10 true damage at point blank, 10x the damage will convert to health, doesn't trigger on alt fire) is also useless unless you are drowning in infested. Even the primary fire feels lackluster compared to fulmin or normal full autos.
  2. They fixed most of it already. Now they need to iron out all the bugs and people can stop with the hysterical screaming.
  3. False If you don't have a RJ you will join someone else with one (can't host) and you are not intrinsic locked for the murex ships. Thus you actually have more requirements on ground mission because you actually have to deal lots of damage.
  4. Most players also hate challenge, not enough challenge, recurring events, not enough recurring events, events........ (and the list continues) You can't make everybody happy at the same time, especially not THIS community. Many games have one time events that lock the content away after they expire, at least DE found a way to bring them back without sacrificing a few weeks to grind for dem sweet, sweet rewards. PS: Many players also hated the events on their own, not just the time limit.
  5. You mean a method to actually get what you want within a calculated timespan instead of RNG? Are you aware that eidolons also have this "time wall" you speak of?
  6. Time limited events were always a warframe thing...
  7. I'm pretty sure thats an exploit and DE will fix it soon.
  8. To keep it in one piece while the RJ ground team has all the fun... Seriously, its so damn annoying to babysit that shiny tincan while keeping the uplink alive.
  9. Old players tend to do endgame stuff. A single knockback from a close range explosion will expose you long enough to get downed when facing endgame enemies.
  10. What kind of damage are you talking about? Any meta weapon will make your everyday explosives looks like a wet noodle right now.
  11. IMO the whole extractor system needs a rework. The rewards are abysmal, they are high maintenance and you need an entire fleet to cycle them without losses. Not even endo/credit rewards would outweigh the cons.
  12. Don't you always complain that Revenants kit is just a bunch of random ideas lumped together? How come you like this one with a very out of character ult?
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