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  1. Guys thank you but please can you do something about letting us have a toggle to stop doing Heavy Attacks by holding E? It's frustrating to lose your combo count by mistake. It's really annoying.
  2. Please, allow us to deactivate heavy attacks by holding E because we are losing our combo counter, it's really annoying.
  3. Please, let us have an option to disable heavy attacks holding E. It's very frustrating to lose the combo counter by mistake.
  4. People keep talking about slavery, if that's a problem, then what DE can do is allow us to sell a contract to kill the lich. Ideally, you would have 3 choices after you've used the 3 words: Hold down A to convert him into an ally, Hold down D to vanquish and hold down W to convert him into a snitch which implies that we have all the data about him without him becoming an ally. At the time of selling the contract, it will be clear that he has become a target because he betrayed us or he failed to get useful information, etc. the reason may vary. In this way, there is no slavery, there is more interaction with the system and an interesting trading feature. There's going to be a wide market: A) Buying liches just for the weapon, bonus damage won't matter. B) Specific weapons with very high damage bonus, C) Ephemeras, where weapon or bonus damage won't matter and D) Ephemeras + weapon with high bonus damage. Some people like farming the liches so it's going to be a good experience for them. Those who doesn't like it, only have to do it a few times to get what they need and then they can ignore the whole mechanic forever. Prices won't be as high as rivens because it's way more difficult to get a perfect riven than a good damage roll in a weapon. You don't even need to get 60% bonus damage, anything between 50%-55% is going to be great and there are going to plenty of these for sale. Just like the rivens, pay more than usual for a crazy good roll or just pay a significant lower amount of platinum for one that will get the job done too.
  5. I can already see myself getting: Kohm - Ayanga - Kohm - Ayanga - Kohm - Ayanga - Kohm 🙄
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