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  1. If you have the operator, then you are facing the stalker 2.0, use your amp to lower his resistence to the element that you have in your weapon (he gains damage reduction when you shoot him). My advice its dodge a lot, use a strong hitting weapon like the tigris or hek, your operator to lower his defenses, repeat if needed, and you are good to go. Good luck mate.
  2. I think everybody gave up on that because the feedbacks were thrown away, same with khora, you can read all the complains, even constructive feedback on the forums and reddit.
  3. The only thing missing here its the stamina bar so you cant meele/block/do heavy attacks everytime.
  4. So, why nerf the combo counter? Im a player agaisnt spin2win meta, but if you want to nerf the combo, check the armor scaling first, because with a good combo counter x4 on damage you can take the level 80-100 enemies in this horde game, if yo do that people will dont have to relay on the spin2win build.
  5. Yeah its a joke, looks to convenient that two weeks after onslaught release and people playing more saryn they say "saryn rework". Saryn doesn't need a rework, a lot of frames need a rework but hey, lets rework the frame people use on onslaught because we dont want you cheese things. But spend plat/time getting maiming strike/equinox. They can show a SS showing that the rework was on the way since feb, but i can show a SS showing im mr 24 with more than 5000 hours in game and thats dosen't means its true.
  6. This, i think DE saw the potential of saryn on onslaught and want to make a sort of "balance", so you cant clean the map more easy with an 4 CP group and spore+maiming or a long range guandao/orthos prime. I didnt saw anyone complaining or asking for buffs on forum. Let see whats going to happen, but a thing i cant stand its the sound effects they added to her, just not my taste.
  7. Yeah man, i feel you, and for me large maps kill the efficency on solo, if you are lucky you get infested in one tile set and your efficency gets stable again. And like you say i dont care for zone 9, i just want to clear zone 8 without spamming maiming strike, but idk if DE still thinks to make another hotfix to make the gamemode solo friendly or they just dont care anymore. Lets hope the best, for now.
  8. I feel like the "hazards" are only a lazy "fix" to make onslaught more hard, i mean, they could give enemies adventages like more damage or more enemies spawning in rows, but instead they put hazards and fixed the armor scaling and that for me was a mistake. Like the affinity challenge rewards, kill 20 enemies with pistols +10% efficiency or something like that would be nice.
  9. We need a better scaling with the efficency and armor. In solo its hard to make it to wave 8 without using maiming strike, i think we should use whatever tactic, frame or weapon we want, not just the easy spin2win just to go to the next zone. Less large maps. Large maps and a bugged ai makes onslaught feel so frustraiting, i have to look on every corner to kill groups of enemies that are afking and while i look for them, the efficency just drain away, sometimes you can end with 30%-20% of efficency for the next zone.
  10. Yup, you can find almost the five versions of the infested energy leechers in one zone, and the scaling makes this hell for solo players with no maiming build. Also, the enemies spawning with no aggro towards the tenno, just talking about their life, not runing at you. But its get worst on bigger maps, like the jungle on earth.
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