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  1. Reducing speed of railjacks absolutely sucks and I hate that decision since it completely slows down progressing through railjack so much BUT all these other changes are very good and I look forward to playing more railjack whenever command is finished since I'm not allowed to earn intrinsics if i've played it to the point i've maxed the current trees. Lots of great fixes and QOL changes. Good stuff!
  2. So then 1 month is everyone in a tier? so all 5 people in first place will be shown in the first month but in the second month everyone in 2nd place will get shown and then 3 months in everyone in 3rd place gets shown within the month? If that's the case then that isn't as bad as 1 dojo per rank per month which I thought it was from your previous post lol I just misread then
  3. @[DE]Megan Could we please get more information on how contests and winnings are handled. How long will each dojo be featured on the star chart? Will winnings be rewarded soon to clans so they can start building with it or will clans have to wait until being featured specifically which could mean many months until receiving winnings to build with.
  4. A full month? wow that sucks,I just want the trophy and resources so I can start building with them asap. Being 2nd place and about 7th down the line I won't get anything until almost the year is over with. Ouch. Those in 3rd place have to wait until next year to get winnings too.
  5. Thank you for the info that you have. I appreciate it. Do you know how long dojos are around until the next rotation? week,month,etc. so they'd cycle out each week or month to the next one in line.
  6. Until what goes live? your specific dojo being featured or just the general summer rotation group? Any idea how long each dojo gets featured so I know when my dojo will get cycled into the star chart? Also,any idea what place you'll be in the rotation? i'm assuming second place means you just placed in second place but not in any particular order so anyone in secondplace can be featured in any order. The info on all this stuff is incredibly bare bones so I appreciate whatever information you have.
  7. Second place? DING DING TIME TO GO MAKE THE TROPHY. Edit: A trophy doesn't show up in decorate and personal decorations. How do winners get their trophies? My clan is a second place winner Fallen Legion GC The winning resources aren't here either.
  8. I'd love to have these in my orbiter and dojo.
  9. Could we please get some glass decorations for the dojo with this nightwave update that's coming? Would be fitting considering it's called glass maker. If not with the new nightwave then perhaps in the near future?Been wanting basic sheets of glass and glass decor for the dojo for years.Looking forward to the update!
  10. Could we please get some glass decor for the dojo with this nightwave update? Would be fitting considering it's called glass maker. Been wanting basic sheets of glass and glass decor for the dojo for years. Looking forward to the update! 😎
  11. I've edited the spoiler with more images of sentient decorations i'd love to see added to the dojo decorator menu.
  12. Hello DE, Really loving the new dojo decorations that came with scarlet spear,I've had a lot of fun building with all of the new sentient stuff. The sentient decorations are by far my favorite designs in the game. The art design teams really outdid themselves. The detail to everything is so cool! Can we get the black egg looking sentient decoration with the red energy swirling in it back? because it suddenly disappeared from the decorations page about a week into scarlet spear. I'd also like to see the cost of oxium for sentient decorations reduced because right now the majority of them cost 1,000 oxium each and the cost gets very crazy real fast. Is there anyway we could get more different sentient decorations we can be creative with? Here are some sentient decorations on sentient ships i'd love to see available in the dojo decoration menu: Keep being awesome DE and art design team. 😃
  13. One of the new dojo decorations that came with the sentient decoration update is suddenly missing from the sentient page and I can't find it in the main page with everything in it. It's the decoration that looks like a egg that's black with swirling red energy inside of it.
  14. - Clan name Fallen Legion GC Clan tier Storm- Clan platform PC- Your Clan role Major / Architect (I've done all decorating in the dojo)- Featured image: Edit: restructuring post: I've been working hard on building to try and get this ready for this contest. I didn't feel it was ready during the last contest so I didn't enter my clans dojo into it. This is the first time my clans dojo is competing in a contest so i'm excited.
  15. Not reading your wall of text but just going to go off the title whether clickbait or not. I've been having fun with the game and my enjoyment hasn't ever stopped over the years. Your title makes it sound like the game isn't fun at all which is silly. Maybe next time get a better title for your thread that doesn't declare the game to be unfun.
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