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  1. Clan name : Fallen Legion GC Clan Tier : Storm Clan platform : PC Your clan role : Major / Architect (I've done all decorating in the dojo Featured image : Sentient Overlord teleporter room Note: I've put over 150 more hours into building since I last entered my clan into the contest. My clan is going for either a first place trophy or a third place trophy as we currently have a second place trophy and we'd like to collect all three for our trophy room and for building with.
  2. Lol still keeping up with ALL New weapons and variations Start at a useless 0.5 dispo? Fine then. I'll never buy another prime access weapon or new weapon from the market ever again until the starting 0.5 diso is reversed. Nothing says don't buy me more than all new prime variations getting a massively significant riven nerf while the weapon stat increases by about 1%. You must think we are stupid if we are going to switch over from a weapon that had barely less base stats but a significantly higher dispo. Neutral dispo for new weapons was perfectly acceptable. All t
  3. I don't understand it either. I've had my accounts linked for a very long time and the only times I can remember that something wasn't properly rewarded was the first time the dax statue was a twitch drop and then the athodai weapon during the twitchcon stream recently. These two things aside,I don't think i've ever had issues with twitch drops. Other than the latest dax statue twitch drop which also didn't work,
  4. What's the point if your drops only sometimes work? I sure hope someone at DE can look at my thread and the several others who didn't get the teshin statue drop despite following all guides perfectly. I opened a ticket with zen desk to try and get the teshin statue too and so far no luck. I wish you'd just put the statue in the market for platinum so there was a way around having to rely on sheer luck of these drops since they only work sometimes no matter what we do. @[DE]Helen Also please make the conclave oro decoration into a twitch drop and put it in the market incase the twitch dro
  5. Did any of you get help with the teshin statue drop yet?
  6. I've been requesting that these return for so long in every way I could and I can't believe it won't give me the teshin statue a second time. It isn't even a linking issue because I got this tea set with no issue as well as last times. I really hope DE can do something about this..I need that statue for my teshin megazord 😩
  7. I watched your streams from start to finish and received no dax statue. This is incredibly disappointing as i've been requesting its return for over a year in loads of threads and even going as far as to tweet at steve,rebecca,pablo,and a couple other DE staff requesting that the teshin statue return. The Drop for it during the sacrifice promotion didn't work at all while everything else did.Zen desk Support couldn't help me at the time. Now recently after waiting so long and requesting it for so long,the statue came back and once again I watched the stream but didn't get the reward. T
  8. No such thing as to much speed or momentum. only issue would be a player's personal response time.
  9. At that point volt also gets infested mobility and outpaces gauss in anything with to many turns or jumps.
  10. Nice idea for a thread. My Top Ten Favourite Things About Warframe 1. The build the way you want to play system. Modding differently on the same frame can give you so many different play styles. 2. Capturing animals. One day my wall of kavat floofs will cover every inch of a room. 3. Speed frames with Gauss prime being the latest,volt being my most played,and titania quickly getting up there with volt. Speed in general really. The combat is incredibly fast and so are you. Put both of those things together and you have a fun and fast experience which I love. 4. A
  11. I get to be a skeleton riding a mech coated in skull decals. Finally living the dream! I feel like i'm a decked out customized skateboard from one of those old tony hawk games. 😎 Also buying up a bunch of hands to build with in my dojo so i'm excited to build with them later when I have enough.
  12. Titania with razorwing blitz is the fastest,not really a contest if we're talking single party speed frames vs another. I am become speed.master of ramming into walls and forever being stun locked due to constantly ragdolling against doorways as I try to path through them at the speed of light. I used to be a volt speed main but then I took a titania to the knee. If we're only allowed to compare volt speed to gauss speed then it's completely dependent on level layout. If you're playing something with a ton of turns like infested ship then volt will get you through faster than gauss but
  13. I'd much rather just have the endo OR the statue,it's basically just two endo rewards but with the statue you get to build with it too and trade it which is cool. I'd take the golden pineapple over the stack of endo. Endo is always nice though so lol. Edit: Also arbitrations suck now for endo because the rewards are littered with niche arcanes and not so great mods.
  14. The issue isn't her voice,it's the repeating of the same lines over and over and over and the glass enemies being frequent spawns meaning you get to hear GLASS ENEMIES IN YOUR AREA! every time you start up a level. Personally at this point I just tune it out but I can see why others are a bit heated over it. I think if norra just had more lines then it wouldn't wear out so fast.
  15. If you're just starting then i'd go for excalibur as he's a solid warframe no matter how you build him while mag and volt need pretty specific builds geared towards different skills to get good benefits from them,they're better later on when you get more mods while excalibur is great at the start. If you're talking about frames in general then gotta catch em' all.
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