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  1. You only have like 3 posts on the forums so for you to say DE doesn't see or respond to posts is silly. Even if they don't respond the staff still reads feedback,not to say they don't post and respond to others of course. I've used a wired xbox360 controller for years on PC and these changes only made melee easier to use and better in general for me. Aim glide is gone but I fail to see why that matters when you can LT to glide and B in a instant snap back to melee. Holding B to switch to melee was always time consuming and gave a great pause between wanting to run and gun and just focus on melee attacks,it was really ruining weapon flow and game flow in general with the long pauses to switch. Now melee is seamless with no wait between weapon switching and I love that. No pause,no waiting in the action to switch,no slowdown of combat. Channeling can now be set to be toggled,much more desired than holding the trigger to use it. Just felt like a wasted use of the trigger with the old system considering channeling was rarely ever used. Pop a lifestrike hit once in awhile and that was the real use it ever had. I will agree on the auto block being somewhat annoying with no way to manually block but that seems more like a nit pick of a in the works change than anything. Rarely ever used block to begin with. I don't see the harm in letting players choose old control layouts over the newer one if they choose to. I'm all for the new system though because it's much faster and responsive in a game that requires rapid movement and reaction. I'm all for those not wanting the changes being given the option to use the old controller setup too. I'd also like to note on the fact you don't just have to waste time holding B to switch to melee BUT you can also pull out your gun instantly to deal with nullifiers and then switch back to melee instantly with no forced waiting between switching to a different weapon. That right there is a beautiful thing. Edit: i'm also a part of one of the largest clans on xbox and all i've heard so far is praise for the new system so I disagree about these changes breaking melee for console. It does seem to have disrupt some players play styles though no doubt but it isn't a rampant problem on console from what I can tell.
  2. I actually enjoyed this fight quite a bit,easily one of the best designed boss fights in the game. Got the shocking step only after a couple tries too which was very surprising. The way you rip it apart really makes you feel like a WAR FRAME. lol
  3. Where is the rest of Aures Diadem ? the only reason why I even wanted to buy it was because of the headwings you can see in its steam workshop listing. Is it not having the wings a bug? because I'm not interested in buying it unless it's what it shows up as on its steam workshop listing,been waiting months for this thing..
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