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  1. So then all new variants like primes should just be MR fodder for anyone who dares to improve their builds which includes using a riven? Having to wait 4+ months for something I pay real money for to be any kind of useful compared to a 2year+ old variant of the same weapon that I can easily get for free is silly and hilarious. People shouldn't have to wait 4+ months for a weapon to be usable. Actual brand new weapons starting at 0.5 disposition is different from a variant of a old weapon getting a new paint job and a tiny bump in stats. ..Well I used halikar and I enjoyed it enough to
  2. You say that but prime access weapons tend to be pretty old weapons and since they're considered "new weapons" they start at 0.5 as all new variants start at 0.5 so, for example, halikar wraith recently came out and it is absolutely terrible in stats. I'm talking 1/3rd of regular haliak with an Identical build using a riven. Even a terrible riven will make old as hell halikar leagues stronger than halikar wraith. Halikar was already a meh glaive made usable with a riven. Halikar wraith though has slightly higher stats but now can't be saved with a riven. Same goes for pandero a
  3. Clan name : Fallen Legion GC Clan Tier : Storm Clan platform : PC Your clan role : Warlord Featured image : Shin godzilla breathing atomic breath Sentient overlord Shin godzilla Breathing atomic breath on a city Phoenix room Spawn room Corrupted aqua cyborg Infestation sentient spider Gradius vic viper room Deer god and the golden forest Oceans nightmare Sentient graveyard room Is that a berserk reference Bone wall r
  4. My submission is for edited submissions Players who helped make the image are my clanmates: wizardeiges (myself) Qauzy ZangelDemon Starkiller867 I have the same image with the HUD too and unedited.
  5. When can we get that ember deluxe?! I've been waiting for what feels like a century for it after seeing the amazing concept art you showed for it months ago. Just take my wallet already! Wow it looks so awesome. Much better than I thought it'd be after seeing the concept art. Can't wait to see how the lava looking bit looks when in action. I hope it's like moving lava in her chest. Can't wait to see what comes with her deluxe too. I hope it's fire or lava related stuff or something with a ton of spikes like her collar. Excited!
  6. Can the zephyr operator armor (Commodore Prime Suit) be equipped in pieces like every other armor set in the game or can I only wear it in its entirety all at once? Helmet,arms,chest piece,belt,leg pieces etc. If so then what do they look like individually? will we ever be able to preview prime accessory items from within the game in our arsenal like every other armor piece in the game? I know we can chat link SOME prime accessory items but they always use the default colors and never what we are using which makes it impossible to see what something will look like with our colors unles
  7. Astilla. it is shotgun with the range of a rifle with the explosive radius of a mini penta but it doesn't suck like the penta. It is a almost everything in one weapon that I love to slap a ton of fire rate on. Volnus is my favorite melee too. looks great, moves great, and its sound design is great. I love machete wraith as well. it sounds like swinging one of those plastic bats when you swing it lol.
  8. What manner of trolling is this? MR 1 with 1 hour time played. Either a spare account or nefarious acting from a competitor trying to ruin the game.
  9. NO! stop trying to get the game changed to be trashestiny or dark souls. Don't change what isn't broken. The game is a power fantasy,not a suffering simulator. All you ever do is complain about the power fantasy and the core of the game. Clearly you aren't having fun so why waste your time with it.
  10. Is it possible to make anything close to sounding like it?
  11. Here is my request. Super Mario Bros. Underground Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0SuIMUoShI
  12. You can get halfway through 30 right now
  13. Did your survey. tldr; more frames that look like Trinity prime and nyx deluxe k thnxs.
  14. Set your game to invite only or friends only and you'll always be host. The new AI for gunnery,ship repair,and piloting are actually really good. In fact the AI is better than 99% of players i've saw in railjack the past year that have boarded my ship that convinced me that solo is better than having teammates from public matches. Now playing solo is even better,it's great having people who do more than stand in a corner and do nothing for 10 straight minutes every game.
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