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  1. Good to see you making changes based on majority player feedback. Now what about the terrible arbitration changes practically everyone was against? please move all the new gear to the arbitration shop. Youve increased vitus drops but put nothing in the shop to buy with it other than kuva. You've also completely ruined the rotation rewards by filling it with loads of crap gear that's a pointless drop after the first drop. Listen to the users about the arbitration changes and hey,I have no more complaints about warframe lol.
  2. I don't really need kuva anymore,it's great you're getting something you want though. I,like many others,played arbis for the endo and rapidly scaling challenge. If you aren't okay with some of the changes then just say it,you don't need to tell everyone to just play and basically stop complaining. Complain,it's the only way things will get changed. Otherwise things will stay the way they are. Clearly you aren't okay with a lot of these changes. One good thing out of this isn't going to just delete the huge amount of negative changes that ruined the rotation rewards. How about we get the kuva in the shop AND mods removed from rotations and put in the shop where they belong so we can all be happy and enjoy arbis together? That's what I want.
  3. I do enjoy the game,I play it consistently every day. That doesn't mean DE is without faults and this is a huge setback for arbitrations. I almost never complain about this game. I rarely ever have any criticisms for warframe but this is ridiculous. Easy for you to say,all I really did was play arbitrations and sorties. You wouldn't be overly joyous if they ruined your favorite modes in the game. Know what I like? having my efforts rewarded. No one jumps into a 20 wave defense without wanting that sweet nightwave exp and it leading to rewards or whatever else reward they're hoping for. Why should I have to be fine with getting useless gear for my time when all this time it has felt rewarding?
  4. Do you not read player feedback anymore? almost 100% of people asked for the new arbi gear to be in the shop and NOT punish players by having them be absolutely useless drops beyond the first drop as a rotation reward. I thought the community was loud and clear about this. Why even bother increasing vitus drops if you refuse to put the new gear in the shop where vitus is useful? Mang,I've never seen the community ignored so hard before. That seeding step already wasted time and rotation rewards and the aura forma blueprint runs out of being useful real fast. Youve basically made almost the entirety of arbitrations rotations just as pointless.
  5. Just put all these new items in the arbi shop. Please don't dilute the loot pool further with more useless items. I have so many of those grass ephemeras I can build a house out of them.Such a useless drop after the first one and you want to multiply the useless drops? no thank you.It already feels like a punishment getting the seeding step,I wouldnt even bother with arbis anymore if you put all these other items useless beyond a single drop into the rotations. Please just put the new gear in the arbi shop. After you get even 1 of each of these auras,anymore after that point is just a waste of time and a drop that could have been something you can actually use. What's the point of making drones drop essence if you arent even putting a bunch of new items in the shop anyways? we were already able to buy the very few items that are in there pretty efficiently. I expect terrible rewards from most other game modes. A 300th molten impact,a 300th whatever else mod put there as filler to waste peoples time. But I really hoped due to arbis increasing difficulty and required teamwork to be efficient that it'd reward that accordingly. NOT with useless mods. Seeding step dropping all the time,wasting a drop,is already bad enough. Perma death,difficult enemies that rapidly increase in level,enemies that make hordes immune to warframe abilities so you can't easily mow through them,hour long waits between new arbis,penalties to entire teams when a player dies because the arbi coins nerf the hell out of anyone who accidently touches them when fighting. Why make such a different and much more difficult gametype suffer with terrible rewards? I want to enjoy what I get,not dread what's going to drop next. Will it be my 50th aura mod or something everyone can actually use like a sculpture or endo? who knows!
  6. Hold on a moment. Your build is practically the same,just with a reduced duration BUT your strength is 299% while the same build minus the duration is 309% in the other video. Odd.
  7. I've added your post to the OP,edited the title to reflect the new information and edited the main post. Thank you for the help. 😊
  8. Thanks a lot for recording and uploading these! Standard sprint running from same door to same door: 0:07-0:13 0:38 - 0:44 (o:45 ish) 6 seconds and 5 second timings,second recording could just be a matter of split seconds. This confirms same ground speeds,now if only there was a easier way of showing cannonballing speeds through the air that adds to the movement, Thankyou,Tenno. From watching the video itself it sure does seem like a huge hit to movement speed but the timings don't lie,strange how just a change to both the camera and legs could make such a drastic change.
  9. Wrong. I told you I couldn't record,go back and read it since it seemed you missed it. I Didn't refuse to upload anything,I'm incapable of recording due to my hardware. Someone here has stated,once again,they'll record and upload a video comparing speeds. There you go again insulting others,maybe you should take a break from the forums if you're getting so heated over this. It isn't worth getting angry over. If you disagree that's perfectly fine,but insulting others was uncalled for and then trying to stand in your ivory tower talking down to others about insulting you when you yourself had already been insulting others. You've even stated you're essentially trolling too,trying to rile up others You're intentionally trying to start a fight. Maybe you should take a break.
  10. Someone in this thread already stated they'll record it and compare to other speed videos before the update. Also,you're one to talk about insulting,calling others Because you disagree with them. Practice what you preach,friend. There was no reason to call others brats simply because you disagree with us.
  11. I would have recorded it myself If I were capable of doing so for the main post. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=warframe+max+speed+volt There are loads of speed builds being shown off on youtube,just need to duplicate the build and where theyre running from and time it. I've also noticed a slowdown in momentum when under volt speed when double jumping at the end of a sprint. Before the update,you'd cannonball across the room with ease,now it seems that the same momentum is gone.
  12. Not everyone has the means to record youtube videos. How can you say he wasn't stealth nerfed if you refuse to even test it yourself which only takes less than a minute assuming you have a max speed volt. Here you go,took like 2 seconds to find this. You run,then you look at them run. Much different speeds.
  13. I'm not buying more RAM so I can upgrade my rig to record,install recording software,and then spend hours uploading to youtube to show you videos. I'm telling you he moves slower. Go play him yourself with a max speed build and compare to every other youtube video of max speed volts. There is a huge difference.
  14. I've noticed a significant reduction in speed for a maxed out volt speed build. You also lose all momentum from the speed boost when double jumping or sliding now too. Edit: To describe in more detail,Volt now loses a lot of momentum when double jumping in a direction at the end of a full sprint when under volt speed. Before the update,the speed would send you cannonballing across a room instantly,now there is a slowdown in the double jump that's removing most momentum and speed,no longer allowed to cannonball across the room.
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