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  1. No. Stop trying to take away my fun. I already get stun locked for being outside of my visible explosion range that slows my gameplay. Killing myself and having to revive wouldn't be fun at all. If you want something unforgiving and incredibly punishing then go play ghosts & goblins or something like it because you won't find it here and wanting it here is asking for warframe to not be warframe. I'm here for fun,not to get kicked in the teeth.
  2. Speak for yourself and stop generalizing. Generalizing is the cancer of these forums. I never asked for anything to be nerfed in this game at any point. As I stated,primes aren't upgrades anymore because of their changes to rivens on how different variants needed to suddenly be considered different weapons while using the same riven. The answer is simple. Reverse the every variant has its own disposition. Behold. New weapon variants are no longer crippled vs 2+ year old variants that MR 0's can get. As I stated. Having a upgrade path for weapons through variants isn't a bad thing.
  3. Please fix the broken relic system in railjack survival as noted here and yarelis aquablades doing no damage when used against enemies affected by vacuum abilities
  4. We thought that could have been what was causing it so my teammate made sure to always be out of their necramech before the relic screen would come up to pick items from them and they still got the issue of the game thinking they had no relic.
  5. When I play as host I've never had the issue but when not being the host the issue happens. The first relic has never been a problem but any after it while in the same instance frequently has issues. I've only been playing railjack survival.
  6. I've edited my post to include more information in the hopes of it getting fixed sooner. Is there any other information I can provide so it gets fixed faster?
  7. I'm not OP but clearly they meant reactant as it's the only thing that's used to open a relic and you need 10 of them. I've corrected my post to state reactant and not traces lol. They pick the relic in the first few seconds they're able to,I can see it on the side with the name of the relic they've selected,I can see the name of the relic when I hover over their name while playing,they collect all 10 reactant as shown by the number next to their name and the loud sound that plays only when you've obtained all 10 reactant,they collect all 10 reactant,and they still can't pick a item from a relic. This has never been a problem before the recent updates.
  8. There is a serious problem with opening relics when playing with other people. Yareli deals no damage when aquablades hit enemies affected by vacuum abilities
  9. As title states. Aquablades do nothing to enemies caught up in vaubans vaccum grenade and they do no damage to enemies caught in both zephyrs airburst vacuum and no damage to airburst you can create by using helminth to put airburst on yareli. The aquablades come into direct contact with enemies caught in the vacuums and do nothing.
  10. I play as host and my teammates connect to me. We are playing a lot of railjack survival void fissures and every other relic opening, regardless of them having all 10 reactant, will not let them pick any reward and it only shows my relic being opened as if they never opened a relic when in fact they did open a relic. It's a frequent problem that happens almost every time after the first relic is opened making it completely impossible to get anything from relics. They pick the relic in the first few seconds they're able to,I can see it on the side with the name of the relic they've selected, I can see the name of the relic when I hover over their name while playing,they collect all 10 reactant as shown by the number next to their name and the loud sound that plays only when you've obtained all 10 reactant, and they still can't pick a item from a relic. When I play as host I've never had the issue but when not being the host the issue happens. The first relic has never been a problem but any after it while in the same instance frequently has issues. I've only been playing railjack survival.
  11. I have a teammate I frequently play with that has been plagued with this problem ever since the update. Glad to see it's not just them having this issue. I play as host and they connect to me. We are playing a lot of railjack survival void fissures and every other relic opening,regardless of them having all 10 Reactant, will not let them pick any reward and it only shows my relic being opened as if they never opened a relic when in fact they did open a relic.
  12. Another riven disposition thread another waiting a year before these old weapon variants are more usable than 2+ year old weapons they're a variant of. Also RIP glaive prime..again. lol
  13. At this point it just feels like we scream into the wind when it comes to this but i'll do this again for the billionth time. Why would anyone ever buy the prime access when the weapons in them will be inferior to 2 year+ old variants of the same weapon for 4+ months? Strun prime? terrible. Magnus prime? terrible. Players who aren't new to the game will have built up a riven collection for their favorite weapons. By using a new primed weapon,they're downgrading considerably from what they've been using for years. You have ruined any and all future weapon releases when it comes to prime access. When anyone brings this up you get people telling us,hey,just wait AFTER you spend money on this for several months until the weapon gets actually usable compared to multi year old variants. Jokes on you,I'm never buying a prime access again until something is done about this. I don't exist in the far distant future where my astilla prime is actually worth using over my several year old regular astilla. I live in the present. I want to have fun now,not next year or the year after that whenever you finally decide what you're doing with new variant dispositions. Kuva hekk is another great example of how you refuse to let something that takes a thousand times more effort to get over several year old variants be any kind of stronger than something a MR 4 can get. Weapon variants like primes,wraiths,etc. were supposed to be upgrades. Not downgrades. It's okay for there to be a progression in weapons you use. People should be moving from hek to kuva hek because it's supposed to be better. Primes should be better than year old variants. It's okay for upgrades to be stronger. It's okay for upgrades to be better than easier to get older regular variants. It's okay For a upgrade to deal more damage. The only people who are going to get upset about it are the people who hate fun and want warframe to be like dark souls in which case I ask,why cater to them at the expense of fun and a feeling of progression in your game. "BUT THE RIVEN MAFIA IN TRADE CHAT!!!!111" Yeah,cool,even with 0.5 dispositions they're still wanting thousands of plat for terrible rolls on rivens. How about instead of punishing everyone for having favorite weapons you instead make rivens more accessible? Make teshin sell rivens for all newly released weapons and variants for a month or a couple weeks. Behold,rivens for new weapon and old variant releases can be obtained and they can no longer be controlled by someone in trade chat hoarding 70 of the same weapons riven in an attempt at controlling the market. "But bramma drama!!!11 it was so strong when it was released and it..ruined my fun!" Test your weapons before they come out then so you don't get a repeat of the bramma drama. If it 1 hits a hoard of level 200 enemies every few seconds then maybe take another look at it. This isn't rocket science...that's funny because bramma fires rockets essentially. Until we meet again in the next riven disposition change thread that continues the trend of ruining future weapon variants of incredibly old weapons.
  14. Clan name: Fallen Legion GC Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PC Clan role: Warlord Video submission That's under 3 minutes: 10 Images: 1.Sentient Overlord 2. A recreation of the image used in the story about albrecht entrati. Vome.Order. 3. The great deku tree 4. Oceans nightmare 5. Shin godzilla firing its atomic breath laser 6. Itsy bitsy spider - corrupted sentient spider 7. Beholder 8. Deer god and the golden forest 9. Corrupted aqua cyborg 10. Deadspace - a necromorph from my dead space room,one of many different necromorphs i've recreated in warframe within my dead space room.
  15. 94CA-8BAF-F04D-4AA0 Really awesome glyph! thank you very much. 😎
  16. Holding off on buying any platinum or prime accesses until we get answers on what happens with platinum seems like a great idea. Why would I ever buy something that could soon be locked to my account when if I wait,I can get plat actually usable beyond just the market.
  17. How about you play the way you want and i'll play the way I want. If you don't like the way others play then use recruit chat and form your own party. Should I get super upset over someone using a bless trinity over a energy vampire trinity because I could personally use energy over health? no,that's ridiculous. Play the way you want to play and I'll keep playing the way I want to. Also,I only have roar on a single build across all of my warframes but I use firewalker on almost all of them. Should firewalker be nerfed then? no,that's silly. I also use saryn spore every chance I get and have never saw a gloom saryn before. A meta saryn build would use a lot of range and duration but not a ton of strength,I fail to see how gloom on a saryn build would be great at all without a lot of power strength. But hey,that's the beauty of warframe. You can play in so many different ways and helminth added more variety to the game. You seem to think that build variety is a bad thing because you don't like helminth but then you see build variety in gloom saryns etc. who for once aren't just casting spore endlessly and you have issue with it. Pick one. Because it gives more options. Build variety is a good thing. If you want to play a sneaky stealth game where you're powerless with timers locking abilities then play a game that has that because it isn't warframe and warframe stopped being that a long time ago when DE realized that isn't the direction they wanted the game to go and it has been a increasing power fantasy ever since the game existed. If power fantasy gets you so upset then go play a game without a similar power fantasy because you won't get dark souls or destiny here. You get upset that warframe isn't dark souls or destiny when those games already exist. They're called dark souls and destiny. That's the beauty of warframe,you don't always have to play as rhino through the entirety of your warframe playtime. You have so many choices and you make the choice to always be rhino. "but there are no reasons to play as other frames!11!" Every warframe has 4 skills and every warframe has at least 1 good ability. Fatal teleport ash still has a use. bless trinity still has a use. Some abilities might function the same across different warframes but a different kit adds different support to said kit. Have you ever done a activity that makes teamwork the center of the activity for efficiency? I get some players can solo a tridolon but not everyone is superhuman or a hardcore player. A lot of us depend on teamwork,frame variety that compliments each other for the same goal everyone is working towards,and each player has an assigned role. Railjack greatly encourages communication and teamwork for a better mission run. Infact they've recently updated it so it's more accessible to more players so more players can work together towards the missions goal. Different parts of the ship can't be ran by a single person all at once. Team work is encouraged. Tactics are involved. There are quite literally roles you can take and be assigned. There is variety. Of course you can solo an orb but that doesn't mean everyone is on your level. Teamwork is efficiency. Efficiency brings profit. Of course you could solo steel path,that doesn't mean everyone else can. Filter recruit chat by steel path and you'll see a megaton of players asking for teamwork. It looked incredibly slow and very unlike Warframe. It could be fun for a bit but i'm not here to waddle through a massive open world slower than a snail. I'm not apposed to the idea of such a thing being a small part of the game for something different. I would really dislike to see Warframe make its core around being a incredibly slow cover shooter. Cover shooters were from early 2000s and they died out because people stopped buying them. Hilariously,Warframe was very much a cover shooter and they got out of the cover shooter race as people stopped buying cover shooters. The majority of the playerbase wanted to be fast,powerful,and efficient as seen through coptering becoming a thing and the game changed around it. Tldr; all of that sounds like a you problem. Warframe is warframe. It isn't dark souls or destiny. Also can't wait for new war,it looks great.
  18. That'd be pretty cool. Maybe a NPC similar to little duck where you trade in tokens? some kind of weekly token grant based on MR. 1 token a MR or something and maybe a cap on them to get players to login and spend them instead of hoarding them. A lot of people like to complain that MR means nothing but the second you try to give it more purpose they get upset as if warframe has never been about grinding. I'd be all for a MR token system that grants weekly tokens to be traded for things like umbra forma.
  19. I Would love some new cosmetics! your syandana idea is cool. Someone in here suggested a legendary core decoration,that sounded cool too.
  20. Bold assumption with zero evidence that I don't level any of my weapons through regular play. Yes I find getting a higher MR level worthwhile and I'll explain why. Extra ranks give a higher focus pool and a higher daily syndicate rep cap. As always. This is also,as always,very useful if you jump syndicates,buy things from syndicates and or trade things from syndicates. Syndicates are a big part of the game that carry augments both new and old as well as weapons you can only get from them. Not to mention the many things simaris carries as well as every other group like fortuna,cetus,and deimos all with their own items that a increase in daily syndicate rep helps obtain. Another assumption. I for one enjoy new mountains to climb and it keeps me playing so I can keep climbing. It makes all the useless copy paste ARs mean something when they go towards my MR goal. I fail to see how having more things to do that helps improve the game is a bad thing and would push people away from ever playing. Starting out with a 2k or whatever it was syndicate rep cap was miserable when starting out when there were so many things I wanted from syndicates with an incredibly slow crawl to get there due to daily rep caps. That almost pushed me away from continuing to play warframe but knowing that a higher MR could solve that problem made me keep playing. It became increasingly harder to get a better rep cap as it was required to level not only arch weapons which took forever to level but then also lich weapons that took a insane amount of forma and releveling to get more syndicate rep and also k drives which absolutely sucked to level. Then the grind was made even more rewarding with the MR 30 rewards. Shouldn't players efforts be rewarded? or should we all just get nothing or ammo drums for goals that have a increasing requirement to hit goals. The idea that rewards should stop as the mountain gets higher is absolutely silly to me in a game that rewards playing it and collecting. Legendary cores hold what value they have based on a player controlled market. What is 100p now could be 20p tomorrow. You once again make an assumption that I even need plat. Also as pointed out in the main post you seemed to have missed,I don't want a core,I want something that seems to fit the rank more. I'm not "asking for more" when I don't even want the core as I have no use for it, infact I gave it to a new player,someone who could use it. I mentioned earlier in here that legendary cores are better suited as new player rewards as they're still growing a mod collection. For players that have spent several hundreds if not thousands of hours playing,cores gradually lose purpose due to endo being increasingly easier to obtain and naturally gaining endo through normal play. I suggested a buff to the blessings personally and or a umbra forma due to a growing arsenal that naturally happens with a higher MR needing more umbra forma,but I've saw other ideas I liked too like cosmetics that display the MR glyph,a legendary core decoration,and various other things. DE has made a ton of efforts over the years to make gaining endo increasingly easier and easier and easier. If greed is wanting the game to be rewarding and for wanting something that requires increasing effort to have increasing reward then I guess i'm greedy. I suppose we're all greedy for wanting to play for rewards beyond our first mk-1 Bo staff.
  21. I don't remember asking for a BETTER reward but something either on par or close to it going on to specifically ask for either a umbra bundle or buffs to blessing per legendary rank. I also explained that i'm not new to the game therefor my need for endo is low due to the massively increased access to endo over the years meanwhile things heavily limited,like umbra forma,required to min max several builds,is severely lacking. It took a lot of leveling gear to get to legendary rank 1. Wouldn't it be cool if we could be more efficient with our builds through the use of access to umbra forma and not just one or two every couple months? That sounds cool and useful to me. I leveled all this gear and i'd sure love to be able to push more gear to its limit. Umbra forma allows that. You can't use a legendary core to allow more mods in a build while umbra forma helps cut the cost of some of the hardest to slot mods due to their very high capacity and very specific polarity. I asked for a reward to fit the tier. A legendary core every 5 master ranks sounds more useful to players than just at the end of leveling everything up where your need for endo is drastically low compared to much earlier ranks where you're still building up a mod collection. umbra forma and or slight buff to either % of blessings or a increase in duration or even the ability to select more than one blessing in a single day sounds like rewards I'd both use on the spot and would continue to use through the rest of my playtime. I'm constantly blessing relays. Every bit helps not only me but you too. It's a win win and I fail to see why there needs to be a problem with something we all benefit from. I'm not asking for mountains to be moved.
  22. A lot more than just my opinion as plenty of others express the same opinions and expectations and desire for more. Asking for blessings to get a buff with legendary ranks doesn't seem like I'm asking for mountains to be moved.
  23. All great ideas,I'd also like the option to select multiple blessings in a single day even if they have to be different blessings. Also great ideas. Hard enough getting quite a few incredibly rare mods just with the one mod drop chance booster that we have. For example,ballista measure is an absolute nightmare to farm.
  24. A legendary core decoration sounds pretty cool. I like collecting ship decorations.
  25. All great ideas. I'd love to see a buff to the blessings. At a glance i've saw a couple legendary rank 1's and thought they were new to the game. I think there really should be a better way to show you're legendary rank 1 or even just getting rid of it and making it MR 31 for better clarity.
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