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  1. Kyoresh

    Blank Polarity for Aura Slot

    rejuvenation is bad and even worse than Medi Ray
  2. Kyoresh

    Nidus Prime makes no sense

    no, thats not what I meant. Helmnith is a modified version of the infestation we encounter as the infested
  3. Kyoresh

    Trading market on Warframe app
  4. Kyoresh

    pet stats

    you 100% have mods equipped in them...
  5. Kyoresh

    Account Migration PC to XBox

    probably shortly before crossplay gets enabled
  6. Kyoresh

    pet stats

    you have to pet him and use stabilizers to get their health back up
  7. Kyoresh

    When did 5-10 minutes become the norm?

    cause about 90% are new Players, that dont know half of the things they do. Literally, the average warframe Player only plays Rhino with Arca Plasmor, Pyrana Prime, Atterax and dies 6 times in a Spy sortie. If you are able to come up with builds in your own or if you are able to do missions for 60 min.+ without using revives, you are performing better than 90% of the Community
  8. Kyoresh

    Changed Clans but no changes in game.

    forum clans =/= ingame clans
  9. guess that would work. tho like the other guy said, Im not sure about the white
  10. cant judge what I cant see
  11. Kyoresh

    Never nerf this.

    WTF did I just read...Whiteknight Lvl 100+ ?
  12. Kyoresh

    sindicates fortuna.

    Fortuna has Orokin stuff as well, but the Main Faction on cetus are the Grineer, like the Corpus on Fortuna
  13. Kyoresh

    Nezha pre-rework build

    Rev has 3 good skills but per rework Nezha had none
  14. Kyoresh

    sindicates fortuna.

    thats cetus lol
  15. Kyoresh

    Nezha pre-rework build

    no point in that, as pre rework Nezha was the worst Frame in the game