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  1. cool Update...sadly 75% is just cosmetics changes from the looks of it
  2. Havent played for since Disruption, due to nothing to do, was added and heard there were some Mainline Updates, did they add anything interesting new?
  3. ye, but a permanent ban is extreme. how about a week/month before you hit them with the permanent ban.
  4. I hate exploiters, but perma ban, for an exploit that harmed no one directly? thats pretty hard imo
  5. PoE feels kinda laggy right now, at least in Handheld. Dont want to imagine Eidolons there o.o
  6. soo? why even bring that up? All I ever talked about was crossplay, not purchases. And the easiest thing to do would be a seperate Beta Build thats similar to a test server in other games. There everything would remain normal and people wouldnt notice a difference. At the same time they should make a PC Build that is at the same level as the console build, so that crossplay works
  7. I dont think its a rarety as even smaller games like Rocket League have Crossplay through different consoles/pc
  8. nope. many games allow that. at this point its most likely a thing DE has to decide, if its worth it for them.
  9. getting out of the room boxes, which is by definition a glitch.
  10. interesting how all featured Dojos use glitches to make their rooms. Maybe thats something to think about lol
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