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  1. you get to see it. No one stays in the ship to look at a stupid robot
  2. Skins, syandana etc. are used and Seen for the majority of your playtime and this vac-bot only in your ship, while youre afk
  3. Its just a decor item, and doesnt do anything. Also most People dont have thousands of plat to spend
  4. just wait in your operator....
  5. you can Report them to a mod with the plea to delete them, but why does that matter?
  6. Best comb: full damage and a Nezha. Take Frames like Mirage, Rhino, Chroma and Harrow and combine that with a Nezha for Safeguard. You only need to Kill the demolysts, so there is no need to defend the console
  7. thats really what it is. I dont like Hyldrins aestetics, but I find Devours fitting and good looking. I just never like the characters with an appearence like Hyldrin, it just doesnt look appealing to me
  8. have you even Watched the Stream? Or just exclude them, like most other Games do. lol
  9. just watched the end again, sounds like there might be something announced on tennocon
  10. what? really? They finally said something about that?
  11. Just admit you dont care about them anymore...please....this gets stupid
  12. oh thats actually a good point. If thats the case, it would be awesome if we could choose which consciousness we save, to finally make use of that Choice System from TWW
  13. well Natah had this personality programmed into her, so remaking that while thing, would be kinda cruel imo
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