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  1. Every time you go into the railjack weapon menu and highlight the weapon and check the total damage and then leave the menu and go back into it and check the total damage again, the number keep getting higher every time.
  2. If you finish the new railjack mission and then go straight into another one then hop right into the pilot seat while warping to the new mission you get softlocked in the mission results screen and cant do anything except force close the game Edit: This seems to happen every time you go from a Defense to an Extermination
  3. Right after finishing one of the new railjack missions and going straight to another without heading to drydock and while in the pilot seat ends up soft locking me on the mission results and cant do anything except Alt+F4.
  4. Why is that when I place my riven mod on a prime weapon its power gets cut in half? Is there some sort of explanation for this, lore related or otherwise?
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