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  1. You still didn't answer my question, after blaming me spreading the lies. According to you a was lying about railjack guns not capable of doing radiation damage... so. Would you name us pls railjack gun (not arch-gun) that do radiation damage?
  2. I know damage is same, just wonder what exactly damage they do.
  3. Ok, then plz name me a >>>>Railjack's<<<< gun that do RADIATION damage...
  4. Codex scan reveals their type of armor, amount of armor and health. But alas doesn't says anything about weaponry they are using. I am thinking about put resistance avionics on my railjack, but have no idea what is most used type of damage by grineer.
  5. There are no radiation damage for Railjack guns. And in Veil even radiation-modded arch-guns already do too low damage. And if we talking about status effect, well, cold again is obviously best. There could be different choices when we get space battles against corpus and sentients (maybe even infested?). But for now cryophon is most solid choice, since we fight only grineer. Especially since we get extra +50% damage boost on drifting...
  6. Sitting in Dojo for one hour+ is really gets annoying hearing over-and-over-and-over again...
  7. Already picked cryophon(mk2) as a main gun. Low range, but nothing that good boost can't fix. And since there no actual radiation damage with space guns, crio still at least second-best for dealing with alloy armor. Put carcinox on sides, to have at least some alternative with range.
  8. oh, nvm, seems like i manage to miss those two for several days now 😛 though hopefully soon i will be able to repair tier-2 variants of those.
  9. I don't see those on my research list at all. Neither tier-0, nor even tier-1 and 2. Can see only looted tier-1 and tier-2 guns.
  10. Besides the first 3 available type of gun that is. Logically those ships still vulnerable to cold/frost damage. So Cryophon looks promising. Problem is - i have no idea how it operates, since there are not cheap tier-0 version of it to try. Is it a hitscan weapon, is missiles-based, is it projectile-based? If it fire projectiles, how fast are those? Same goes for Carcinnox guns.
  11. That wasn't an issue for me. Due to you have to be every close you can hit them anyway, as they will cover about half of your screen. Didn't happened to me, but overall damage was not impressive. On last Saturn mission sometimes took about three full recharges to kill a simple fighter. And not even gonna talk about trying to kill minelayers with Larkspur 😛
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