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  1. today I farmed the captura scenes of Jupiter in the hidden secret labs (Gas City ... scenes) at the same point you kill a lot of amalgams, which are supposed to drop rare mods (kavat's grace; odomedic; gale kick; anti-grav array) according to wiki 2% total chance (0.5% each of the 4 mods) here is my result: I have now 88 capturas (you get 2 per hidden secret lab) and roughly there are 3 amalgam per lab (sometimes 4) I also had from sortie a mod drop chance booster (the new booster) and I used Hydriod with the 100% more loot augment (pilfering swarm) I got 0 (!) of the rare mods 2% goes to 6% (I assume the conservative additive stacking) because of the booster and the augment so that means the likelihood of that happening is: 0.94^(88/2*3) = 0,000284 = 0.0284 % sure you can argue I got unlucky 😞 however you can do the eye-ball test and calc the average mods I should have gotten: 6% * 88/2 * 3 = 7.92 so roughly 8 mods that's why I wonder if there is not a bug involved in this system I should have gotten 8 rare mods, but I got 0
  2. Premise: you dont care about focus anymore (because you maxed everything) - so lua lens bp is (close to) useless Consequence: atm the B-rotation is better than the C-rotation @ LUA disruption (because it has a slightly higher chance to get Axi relics) therefore it is better to partly fail the round and fall back to B-rotation than to do well and get the C-rotation I just wonder, did you think this through? Making the "easier" way more profitable than the harder way? I think its like cheating the system in that way. I will do so, because its only logically, but it doesnt make much sense to me.
  3. Up to now, I thought, the nightwave level had no limit. But then it hit me, that after reaching 30 + 30 extra there is no more progress. I mean its only a few nora credits you offering for the extra mile we go and play more than "you asked us" to do. Why make a limit in the first place? I hope you can remove that limit before the season ends and give me and my fellow grinders the (small) extra reward, that I think we earned. Cheers
  4. who the f complained about this, damn you traitor
  5. pretty sure it wasnt first of the day, and also pretty sure, that this mission doesnt generally not double the first of the day and I got the stars align today kavat into kavat charm now its 4M credits in 6mins https://imgur.com/a/iDwHuhR
  6. well thanks for the "new index" https://imgur.com/a/Bkp7GiA appreciated 2x credits, 2x booster, 2x kavat charm, and 2x event bonus 125000 * 16 = 2M
  7. started it over steam update, cool, waiting, sure now game the game doesnt start anymore verify cache, lets try this still nothing 😞
  8. Radian Sentium trade cost is 1M credits now - pls change it (back)
  9. new but NOT improved imho its hard to see now if its open, closed, locked and cache findings are more difficult aswell for me 😞
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