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  1. who the f complained about this, damn you traitor
  2. pretty sure it wasnt first of the day, and also pretty sure, that this mission doesnt generally not double the first of the day and I got the stars align today kavat into kavat charm now its 4M credits in 6mins https://imgur.com/a/iDwHuhR
  3. well thanks for the "new index" https://imgur.com/a/Bkp7GiA appreciated 2x credits, 2x booster, 2x kavat charm, and 2x event bonus 125000 * 16 = 2M
  4. started it over steam update, cool, waiting, sure now game the game doesnt start anymore verify cache, lets try this still nothing 😞
  5. Radian Sentium trade cost is 1M credits now - pls change it (back)
  6. new but NOT improved imho its hard to see now if its open, closed, locked and cache findings are more difficult aswell for me 😞
  7. so I did 18 rounds in interception, but I only got 4 instead of 9 - or am I thinking wrong
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