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  1. This idea is stupid. These are the things I think that should be tweaked to the system: 1. The host leaving, or any other that makes the game reload: For example, I'm playing as Gara, and I loaded my Splinter Storm. Well, whenever the game reloads I need to stack all that damage up again. It's really annoying. Also, you have a chance to die even if you can't see anything, your loading screen might still be running but your frame is already in game which gives you an unexpected and annoying death. 2. You shouldn't have to wait until the game ended to receive your rewards to the point where you survived. I think if you 'abort' your mission, you should be able to take your rewards with you until the mark where you died, there's no need to wait until the leftover team goes to extraction. What if my warframe can survive abitration but is quite vulnerable to any health that one might lose due to this "financial stress"? What if I don't want to pick up these pickups because I know that I will die? Maybe the response is: get a better warframe. But then, don't suprised when you only see a Nidus and Inaros instead of where you can still find a Gara, Garuda or a Trin.
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