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  1. Hello! Can we get elemental bonus % in the upgrade menu of a Kuva weapon? Since we can Transfer bonuses it would be helpful to see % of the bonus in the interface. Thanks!
  2. Lifted Status is so annoying, at least for me. Enemies fly all over the map. Maybe they can be fixed in one place when Lifted?
  3. Will you address the duplicate Nightwave rewards problem?
  4. Less duplicate weapons from Liches is good, but there's one thing that you maybe forgot: duplicate rewards in the current Nightwave (like emotes, Ephemeras, armor bundles etc.). Do you plan to change it somehow, because right now many people that put effort in The Wolf of Saturn Six season feel like they are being punished for their diligence.
  5. More chaos for already pretty chaotic system. We'll see how that goes.
  6. Aww, getting mods instead of relics was so much cooler! Less randomness is always better.
  7. Also cannot finish off those "big buy" Thralls like Noxes or those chubby Ghoul guys. Prompt just isn't appearing and you cannot stick your Parazon in their throats. That's especially infuriating when Thralls also double as Demolishers as well like on the related pic.
  8. Yeah, I don't get relics from the Floods too. Not every time, but frequently. To be clear, I'm certain that I don't confuse Floods and common Kuva Siphons.
  9. Even if they release the update next week it still will be Thursday/Friday because there always temptation to fix something before the end of the week. Also ultimately we the players are their actual playtesters. At least that's the way I personally see it.
  10. Aww yeah, that's a good show! Shame that not a lot of people watching it, Isaac deserves way more views.
  11. I'm personally doing Hydrolists in public squads. Usually there's enough damage in the squad to do 1x3. Just get a high-damage weapon built for Radiation and grab a bounty from Konzu.
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