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  1. Aheael

    Modding 3.0 would be great for Warframe

    1) You got me there. 2) Well, in any multiplayer game that consists of upgrades you'll always find that there is the common item that everybody uses. I just think by your argument on how everybody uses it, by freeing up a new space you could say now everyone might always include crit into their build because they can. There has to be a give and take. 3) True, but rather than the dps I'd say they need to be much more better on the defensive and support front.
  2. Aheael

    An idea

    I get what you're saying, you want basically PvP zones in Open world. Firstly, it doesn't make sense with any of the storyline in the game so far to have Tenno allied to different factions and for what purpose we can. Secondly, there is a lot of things wrong with PvP mechanically. DE would need to fix a large amount of balancing issues. Maybe in the future, if these two conditions are met. I'd be down for Space ninja open world faction fueds or clan fueds.
  3. Agreed. That's been my sentiment too. DE is so focused on the idea of rushing out fresh new new content that they haven't, in my opinion, really considered how good Warframe already is right now but how incomplete so many areas are and essential QoL patches. Actually, they do know but they want to make it even better BY the addition of new content. Which is where my problem with DE is. I agree with @DiabolusUrsus on the fact that why should the old weapons suck. We should just update their stats so they're in line with all the current "useful weapons". After all, like you rightly said a lot of people consider end game to be fashion frame. This would bring more cosmetic diversity in what essentially the same weapons for whatever category they fall in. I want to modify your dismantling suggestion. Why not do this with ALL weapons if the old weapons were brought to the current meta-standard. But if not, to create a new form of obtaining components for the kitguns will come into competition with the existing method. How would you go about balancing that? I do like the idea but I do think it's quite unhinged and a bit too advantageous. On the bright side, it would be a good way to pave the road to connecting a lot more systems in the game.
  4. Aheael

    Modding 3.0 would be great for Warframe

    I'd like to add something to your suggestion, and hear what you think about this: The idea that we just categorize mods into builds BUILT into the game. To try and be a bit more clear, everybody can google search and find out what's the best possible mods people can get to the worst depending on their progression into the game in a couple minutes for whatever build they're going for. The way I suggest we build these categories in should be via the Index. Everyone already knows the Index is in need of an update so on top of what it already needs I feel like we could just kill two birds with one stone. Or just have the option of filtering categories when you look at all the mods obtainable. The reason I mentioned the whole "everbody can google" is because in terms of redundancy and what belongs in what build and is useful, all the information is already there for DE with large agreement from Warframe viewers on the wiki, youtube and so on. Everything that doesn't fall in these builds or essentially a repeat, a weak and useless outdated version of existing ones and so forth could just be removed.
  5. Aheael

    Wukong's Rework

    Just for 4, Wukong is pretty famous for his clone summoning. That's where he got most of his cheeky behaviour from in the mythos. Pranking others using clones or transforming those ones to animals. He'd also use them for battle. As for the rest I pretty much agree with your criticism on his points.
  6. Aheael

    Lotus Voiceover Request

    +1, Yeah it's not really consistent with the theme of her character.
  7. Aheael

    Modding 3.0 would be great for Warframe

    I don't agree with this because of the fact that this would be messing with a core game mechanic. One of the silent rules of every game is you never mess with core game mechanics. On top of that, you remove one of the most critical incentives for endo for new players. Because it's such an important mod to have and an obvious (or straight forward whatever you'd like to call it) it's one of the first small simple goals new players can strive to max out for. Now I understand that sounds like I haven't thought about "what about other mods that can take that position" That's where I think it becomes subjective. I personally don't think there is a need to mess with the flat damage mods at all for the very reason you think that you lose an essential mod slot, it is good that you lose an essential mod slot. 😂 I agree that I wish the operators were more versatile BUUUUUUT it's understandable that they aren't mini-little god turrets. I'm sorry but I just can't agree for even more dps output. That would make the game even more easier than it already is for a majority of the content. That would create a lot of even more people angry about difficulty. For balancing purposes, of course. I feel like the last two points you made, you need to provide better explanations considering you are the one asking the question. Have you searched up why? Was there no reason found on the wikis etc. After all, later on in the future it could be explained why they do. We know that they are schools but the lore and story isn't tied deeply into the game in terms of how much content we have. It could just be something DE is working on. Following that, what mods are obsolete, you gotta state them and the why's.
  8. Aheael

    New Player Retention! (Warning: lot o' words)

    To be fair, stating that is correlation between two vastly different games and environments with just statistics and not general population agreement in terms of what is said around the time on social media and so on and even more evidence is a pretty fatal error. People can very well relate two different entities fairly easily if you look purely at gain and fall. It's definitely where I disagree with you in terms of logic.
  9. Aheael

    Cross Progression

    True enough, I definitely support you on this front. I personally believe the reason cross play demand is so low is because the game is so heavily PvE oriented. Even on that note, there isn't enough competition within the PvE environment in terms of clan vs clan, or climb to get better gear and content first and so on
  10. Aheael

    Forma mod removal

    Great QoL suggestion +1
  11. Aheael

    My Personal "Patch Notes"

    This is amazing. I'll be honest I only read on warframes that I use and really want and am aware of their abilities. While I agree with a lot of stuff, and disagree with a few minor ones that feel redundant to me I just have to say this really is just awesome. Thank you for spending the time to share this. I would love to see people discuss a lot of the more mainstream warframes in regards to your suggestions, especially the devs.
  12. Aheael

    New Player Retention! (Warning: lot o' words)

    Last point you made, definitely true. But I can't agree with you on the current introductory mission being good. Like I said, a lot of the information is misleading and not that it's leaving you in the open like most people claim Warframe does. That's what Runescape does and it's the only game I can think of with a similar game model for new players. There's a difference between giving wrong impressions to new players on how the game will be versus letting players find out what the game IS like. The game could be a whole lot more successful, in my opinion. It's a great game.
  13. Aheael

    New Player Retention! (Warning: lot o' words)

    Indeed, at worst. But just as using "at best" as a counter-argument is pretty much useless. It's not constructive. There are objective criticisms to be made about the NPE. That's what I explained in the post, the what's and whys. Not hows. I'd rather leave that in the more than capable hands of DE and players with good ideas on level design. I imagine they have. I, clearly, am not a member of DE. Please don't cut out what I said after that. I explained the sentence right after I made that point. This is the 2nd or 3rd time you've came at me with a cut-off quote and a pretty rude out-of-context question. I'm just trying to have friendly civil discussion.
  14. Aheael

    Warframe is both too difficult and too easy.

    Lmao that is funny but I gotta defend his point if you consider the context that follows afterwards. I think he definitely wrote that in a bad way that you misinterpreted. I think what he means is he wants consistency to the difficulty progression of the game. For example, Dark Souls, Runescape heck even Mario. In my opinion, it's the story narrative that's lacking. There are too few quests. Runescape is the only game that you could truly compare to Warframe in terms of it's model. (Destiny only has a similar setting and very trivial mechanics found in many action sci-fi games.) Runescape makes up for it's overwhelming amount of content with a HUGE number of quests not just tied to the lore of the game but all with unique stories and miscellaneous quests. I feel like as it stands Warframe still has a long way to go on the story side. The lore is there but the story, not so much.
  15. Aheael

    Chat Moderation

    True. I'm being a bit too nice haha