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  1. Not True Iflynn played for 90 mins and only got 4000 Credits.
  2. Even if it is Bugged no excuse for it to be bugged. A fundamental of the event not working what a surprise.
  3. The Credit Cost for New Items in this update is WAY WAY to high. And need to be adjusted immediately. The Average run is around 250-450. So a single Blueprint should not cost 15,000. My Prices will be listed Below DE need to fix this asap with all the other bugs. Ceti Lacera BP - 20,00 Should be 10,000 Basmu BP - 15,00 Should be 10,000 Murex Console and Earth Console 5000 should be 3500 Ballroom Simulacrum 5000 should be 2500. All Arcanes and Sigils are a fair price and should remain the same. Also DE love the cutscenes and Story element and new Hub is slick.
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