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  1. Rogelio_Gaona

    Steve's Stream: Riven Disposition Remark!

    F for Steve
  2. Rogelio_Gaona

    Fortuna: Live Now on PC!

    Can check this out? 😅
  3. Rogelio_Gaona

    Good changes for warframes:

    Done 😄 Sorry i thought that megathread tag was for big text 😅
  4. Rogelio_Gaona

    Good changes for warframes:

    Auto aim for what? This is castable anywhere, not just enemies and often you'll want to fling yourself towards a group of enemies and not bring one of them "near" you. Same with Titania's 1. The most useful part of it, to me, is the Status immunity from being within the AoE. I don't want to put it somewhere I am not explicitly aiming. edited: my fault i think i shoud be more clear with valkyr, also: 2: The changes for aim mechanics are focused to improve the controller gameplay (specially for console players). for reference mesa's 4 have 15° FoV at the end,
  5. Rogelio_Gaona

    Good changes for warframes:

    I know it, but i do this way for make it more organised, but if i see that some tennos have inconveniences reading this im gonna edit the thread and quit the spilers XD. Changed for quotes, 😄 Ty for the feedback :D.
  6. Rogelio_Gaona

    Good changes for warframes:

    Hello, before I start I want to thank everyone in advance for your attention. I will try to express myself as best I can, and as gently as possible, my English is still not very good (I'm still working on that), but if I look a little rude, please let me know it in the comments. 1: The changes I suggest are mainly focused to make all warframes more useful, consistent, dynamic, and cooperative friendly without modifying the concept of their kit. These are not rework ideas, I really believe that some warframes need rework (specially nyx, vauban, wukong) but that should be treated in individual post for each warframe. 2: The changes for aim mechanics are focused to improve the controller gameplay (specially for console players). Arleady notice that revenant have that small autoaim fov on his 1 (but on him is arround 10°~15°). Ash: The main issue I see with ash is that is a very capable and funny warframe but is too slow for what supposes to be a ninja, so there are multiple changes I suggest. Atlas: The only issue I see with him is his 1. Ember: She is supposed to be a squishy damage dealer so: Gara: She is perfect just a little touch Hydroid: Khora: Limbo: Loki: Mag: Mesa: Mirage: She is the reason why I made this post in first place, is almost perfect but relies in a very inconsistent mechanic. let she rely in a more controlled and waaaay more easy and consistent mechanic. Nekros: Nezha: Nidus: Nova: Nyx: Octavia: I love Octavia but current visuals are too intrusive and cause headache sometimes. Rhino: Saryn: Titania: Trinity: Valkyr: Vauban: Wukong: Zephir: Thank you again for reading (elaborate this thread took me all day XD) and if anyone have some additional suggestions (for QoL changes, not for reworks) please leave them in the comments.
  7. Rogelio_Gaona

    We need a platinum sink and we need it badly

    In fact, the tradechat prices of all (except for specific weapon rivens) are cheaper than never. And that "platinum sink" already exists, it's called market.
  8. Rogelio_Gaona

    A Concept to make Shields useful

    Also this would make health conversion viable for more frames. 😄
  9. Because most of non limbo players dont realise how limbo rift work and that change would be more intuitive (an less anoying) for they to learn how rift work and play. And this keep limbo playstyle unchanged for limbo. Also thats why i say "if stasis is active" if is not, cataclism works like always.
  10. @[DE]Rebecca I had a less conflictive suggestion: If stasis is active, the allies (and centinels) shots simply get out of the rift and only hit non rifted enemies, so cataclysm+stasis can work something like frost dome, limbo shots still frozen (because is realy fun for limbo players) and everithink else interactions unchanged(mele, powers, etc.) sorry for my bad english.
  11. Rogelio_Gaona

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.6

    I found the same annoying problem, but i found how fix it: Put x360ce files in only read mode, that works fine for me, sorry for my bad english 😊
  12. Rogelio_Gaona

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.5

  13. Rogelio_Gaona

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.4

    Select menu items with D-pad pleaseeeeee 😭
  14. Rogelio_Gaona

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.2

    D-pad to select menu items PLEASEEEEE!!!!! 😭