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  1. [ noticed. ] thank you for this extraordinary news. I really appreciate that you always care about the opinion of the community. keep it up. edit: | b.t.w, i followed exactly your advise about: |> " As noted, for now, if it's really bothering you then the "zombie" kitgun >> entry will go away if you gain Affinity with the kitgun. << " sorry it hasnt worked for me. so ye.
  2. i agree totally with you. thanks. but as you said.. introduce.. and go forward with unfixed very important thing, like the Mastery Point bug.. seems ( sorry to say ) unlikely. We are awaiting a Patch Fix, Dear Digital Extremes !
  3. To: [DE]Rebecca and Staff ! Missing Fixes: and now youre offering this one: https://www.warframe.com/news/nightwave-series-3-the-glassmaker-final-episode? Nightwave: Series 3 — The Glassmaker Final Episode Stop the Glassmaker, plus reach MR 30 to take your True Master Test ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope this will help, to get a fix for all.
  4. Dear @[DE] All Staff, Moderators, Administrators, Developers and each all other Warframe Community Member ! This isn't right the way of.. Mastery Rank Up. i was reading from someone The Mastery Point Rank - Bug - is since Steel Path ! as other people complain that the finished Mastery Point from a Weapon, Warframe and all ever ones, vanished a kinda % percentual From the Mastering Table; Like; I had ( bit unsure how exactly it was ) 70k Mastery Points and Now: 90,022 Masterypoints Left ? common please. Heavy Unfair ^^ you hasn't fixed this bug since Steel path ? !!! that
  5. for that idea with the disposition challenge i had posted; answer is yes 🙂
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