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  1. Arrjo

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    Is it so difficult to write "not today" instead of vague "later this week"? Do you really want all this frustration coming from the community?
  2. Arrjo

    Update Status Thread: TSG Update 2.

    So it became a pentalogy...
  3. Arrjo

    PC Baro Intel: Ducat Pricing Trends.

    And when will we see the items before those? Do I have to wait another half a year to buy Mara Detron and PHT?
  4. Can we also get an indication of how much ducats each item in the reward list is worth, so we won't have to check wiki every Tear run?
  5. Arrjo

    Vauban Prime & Crafting Costs

    It seems to me that some players can't think about getting a new weapon or warframe in more than just a couple of hours. Come on, 7k oxium isn't too much if you don't specifically make your goal to craft vauban right now. You have literally months to get blueprints and resources, what's the point of such a rush? Want to get him instantly? Then support DE and buy Prime Access. Can't afford or just don't want to buy it? Stop thinking of it like it's mandatory, just enjoy the game and sooner or later you'll get resources to build it. But no, some people complain that X is too expensive to build, and then they force themselves to farm for 10 hours, build it and complain that there's nothing left to do in the game.
  6. Arrjo

    Hotfix 12.0.2

    Calm down please:
  7. Arrjo

    Hotfix 12.0.2

    Key? Did I miss something or now we have to get some Void Keys from these missions?..
  8. Arrjo

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    Cast multiple bubbles, use something else to cover your butt, leave the bubble alone with the pod, don't let enemies focus their fire on the pod. Problems?
  9. Arrjo

    Coming Soon: Devstream #22

    Do you plan to make other "special" versions of warframes (other than Prime)? If so, will they have stats/abilities different from normal warframes, or they will just have another model like current Primes?
  10. Ага, а разрабы должны питаться и серваки держать за свой счет, веселят такие люди, вам бы все да на халяву, а всех, кто разработчика поддерживает материально, придурками называете. Без донатеров игры бы не было, если что.А DE молодцы, вообще говоря. Я не припомню другой ф2п игры, в которой донат поощрался не только виртуально, но еще и материально. Насчет петросянства по поводу достави почтой роисси, не знаю что у вас там, но в моем городе за последние 2 месяца я получил порядка 20 посылок с того же ибея, самая длительная доставка заняла 25 дней, да и то потому что была по ошибке направлена не туда. Даже то, что было отправлено самыми дешевыми методами, дошло в целости и сохранности и не заняло несколько месяцев, а DE могут отправить и не самым днищенским способом, ящитаю.
  11. Can you restart Rifle Amp alert then? There were ~28min before you started the update, and because of login problem I wasn't able to complete it :<