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  1. Nice update thanks DE! :D The melee 3.0 changes part 2 will happen when?
  2. When we gonna see new Dex Weapons? Would be nice :D
  3. Please fix the bugs! First bug couldnt buy Shade prisma from Baroo because it was appearing a message saying "error the operation couldnt be completed then saying that i wasn't charged the value of the Shade prisma", then in a normal kuva mission i was locked in the animation of reviving my kavat FOREVER until i died and back to normal, after that in other mission someone LEFT the mission and the mission from no where bugged.... the PC we needed to use to do the sabotage stopped working... then i was trying to put a orokin reactor in the Shade prisma and i couldnt a similar error mensage appeared .... guys please fix this kind of bugs And also please fix the bug that when someone who is the HOST of the match in any kind of mission leaves the mission please don't kick everyone from the room and because of that losers everything from the mission ( even wolf rare weapon parts ) Also had a bug when the second skill from Gara its active and i use the 4 skill then 1 skill to explode the glass and stack damage for the 2 skill isn't working all times some times u just stack nothing Thanks for this great game!
  4. Thanks for the update! Gara its bugged right now! Her combo of her 2 skill + 4 skill its not working! She isnt stacking damage of the explosion of her 4 skill for her 2 skill! Please fix it!
  5. I wanna start saying i love this game u guys make this game great keep the good work DE because this game rocks! I have some thoughts and doubts: -When u guys gonna increase the Riven mod capacity above 90? Its a real deal because as me there is a lot of players who wants to collect rivens for each type of weapon available in game and we simply cant do it because the riven max capacity its just 90. -When Kavats/Kubrows will can get the loot for u as the sentinels do? -Can u guys tell us more or less when the Melee 3.0 will arrive? -The Big Katana that was supposed to appears in game in the time Revenant was launched will be in game when? -Can u guys do rework on: --->1 and 4 skill from Chroma ( no one actually use it in the moment), --->Wukong 1 and 3 skill ( same problem as 1 and 3 skills from Chroma), --->Do a real rework for Vauban because in the moment we only use his 3 skill and the 1,2,4 skills are simply ignored because they dont do much in the gameplay --->Can change a little Zephyr 2 and 4 skill? Because in the moment i feel like this skills are not doing much for the team as damage for survival missions ( 2 skill of Zephy almost no one use it because simply dont do any damage against even low level enemies) --->Can make the skills of Warframes like Frost for example scales with the high level enemies? Because in the moment warframes like Mesa or Octavia scales very well against high level enemies and warframes like Frost or Ember are struggling a lot to do any damage against they ( enemies above 70 level ) -Each syndicate will have their on special missions(ex: Something like Elite missions for each)? -Who will be the next prime Warframe coming? -Can be decreased the amount of hours we have to wait to CRAFT any Warframe or weapon? Because in fact 3 days to craft a new character its a make no sense for me. -Can Elite Alerts receive new prizes for staying long periods in there? Like new skins for sindicate weapons or even new versions of weapons from each sindicate ( not the actual weapons available in each sindicate) for example: a new weapon like Twin Grakatas prisma for Steel Meridian missions or something like that. -Can u guys add some new planets? I love this game and i think this is one of the best games i ever played online like action/sci fi. :D Thanks again for this great game keep the great work DE team!!!
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