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  1. If we already have the Tea Set, do we get a second set?
  2. This hotfix seems to have broken Malicious Raptor in trade. Can't see the mod in the trading post anymore, so it can't be traded currently. Tested this with several people who have more than 1 copy of the mod.
  3. (Skip to the last 2 big paragraphs to get directly to the point) Hi. This is my first post on the forums after playing for a year and putting in over 2000 hours into the game. I'm part of FGS (Forsaken Gaming Society) and we just placed 6th in Shadow Clans. (Maybe a Silver Throphy. I'm not sure yet). My post is directed at DE, but I welcome any constructive comments that DE will hopefully read and reply to. Let's ignore the flawed concept, where the average of total scores was used to determine the High Score on a run (I will call it HS going forward), which allowed us to carry a
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