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  1. Bonewidow is such a cool concept that’s falling short of being enjoyable. I think voidrig is in a significantly better spot than the bonewidow, because of its ability to delete things. Bonewidow’s 4 iron bride hits like a wet noodle forma’d and the animations are insanely clunky, which I wouldn’t mind if it hit like a truck but it doesn’t. Make the 4 actually feel impactful rather than a hindrance. Bonewidows 3 just doesnt seem to work all the time, if this worked more consistently I think it would be great. Iron Maiden is pretty good. I dont mind the weakness from behind.
  2. Thanks for the Devstream! Was wondering though, where will Lavos be obtainable after the operation ends?
  3. Garuda's Dread Ward augment has the potential to help Garuda change up her abilities, but with an easy change to the augment could provide her with some much-needed defenses. At the moment Dread Ward only procs its invulnerability if you execute an enemy with Garuda's 1. As we know, executions in this game can be very tricky, as when you're able to damage an enemy that's usually enough to kill them outright. Because of this enemies are usually either alive or dead, and trying to stop damage at 40% in order to execute them can be cumbersome. However, we've seen DE change execution-sty
  4. Feels like you guys didn’t listen to any feedback from the test cluster on zephyr. I don’t know anyone who is actually genuinely excited about airburst doing enough DPS to kill low tier units, it’s a waste of a buff. I don’t even need to see these changes in action to know that it won’t be impactful or something I will want to build around. How about building on its synergy with tornados? Right now airburst can pull enemies out of tornado which just feels extremely lazy.
  5. Protea is one of my main frames. Arcane barrier is definitely not worth it for protea. Her 1 should be plenty of of survivability but if you want more I’d use arcane aegis over barrier.
  6. The other day brought Loki into the isolation vault had no problems, was able to kill the necramechs with ease. Today I've been running isolation vault and everytime we start the necramech fights it just wont let me go invisible, it instantly pulls me out and throws a short CD at my invisibility. Did not have this problem before today and I'm not standing anywhere near the necramechs. Did he get ninja hard nerf because loki without invisibility is useless. My friend was running ivara and was able to be invisible without a problem.
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