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  1. 1. Pretty sure they're talking about reinforcements to missions, like for instance the start of the vault missions. There have been multiple times where literally none appeared for me while protecting the bait station. This definitely needs tweaking. Other than that I'd agree - infested are more than aggressive outside of missions and within the vaults. 2. Reload times are fine. Keep in mind both of these weapons have gigantic mags. One is quite literally an lmg with a bouncing nuke attached to it and the other is a hand cannon with seeking missiles attached to it. They're both powerful,
  2. That was a whole lot of words that pretty much just amounted to "I don't like it cuz it takes me out of my comfort zone but actually it doesn't but it kinda does tho so there." Gonna go try and recover my brain cells, have fun raging at the machine or whatever you young'ns do nowadays.
  3. Haha man why they take away the laugh upvote option cuz that was real world chuckleworthy right there.
  4. Gonna be a few bugs in a randomly generated system in a world with alot of geometry. The simple option is to just shrug and look for another target if you run into a bug. Maybe report it if it's really bad. Would you rather just be placed in a nice, pretty looking flat room, have a quest marker pop up on your targets head, then press a button to capture it? I mean, that doesn't sound fun at all or engaging but you do you.
  5. But you just posted how you're not crippling yourself though? You can still use your powers all you want. And geez dude it's like a minute or two to capture these animals, you're acting like you're doing brain surgery while someone's stabbing you with a blunt fork.
  6. Well duh it's not gonna be skillful if you use equinox. That's just boring. I straight up go as whatever frame I am at the time and that sense of having to actually be a sneaky hunter.
  7. 1. You're going to have to replace an ability to use this. That alone, depending on the ability and the warframe, could be detrimental to your kit. 2. Crafting "pizzas" is not a warframe ability. That means you can still have 4 abilities AND regain energy/ammo/health whenever you want. 3. Dispensary is stationary. It's only best used during stationary missions. If you like standing around waiting for a random energy ball or ammo box to spawn while doing any mobility-oriented mission then hey, slap Dispensary on every warframe you like. But there are far faster, better, and more effic
  8. Had to stop reading the comments after I saw this. How the fudge is this lazy? How? They had to go through every single warframe, choose a power from each of their kits, make sure said power isn't too weak or too strong, modify their usage since many of them rely on their original kits to be good, rebalance a number of them to make sure they can work on other warframes, put safeguards in so we don't literally break the game, and who knows what else. Let's not even mention the time and resources it took to create and implement the systems surrounding this in the first place. Crea
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