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  1. This! Been playing for 7 years and I'm out of catalysts. Time to farm some plat or wait some time to drop . No need to change anything.
  2. Briefcase is the TYPE of weapon. Not the Corpus lich weapon class name
  3. + to that, DE probably made the weapons, not the PvP mechanics. Because Steve said he had the idea for the ASMD Shock Rifle and the Plasma Gun. This shows DE is really good at making weapons sound, look and play cool, but they're not that good at making PvP mechanics
  4. Prime Weapons are the original version of the weapons the Tenno use today. Orvius, Paracesis and the Vitrica are Orokin weapons. They don't have "low cost" versions, because the Tenno never used them. The Orvius were the standard Dax glaive, and the Paracesis is Ballas sword. The Vitrica is Nihil's weapon. These weapons don't have standard versions. They're unique or never used by the Tenno
  5. I think Void missions don't have alarms. Everything that needs no alarms I go there
  6. Who ask for new content all the time? Ah yes, the community.
  7. hmmm guess January is part of the previous year by @(XB1)TheWayOfWisdom
  8. Reb, give a special thanks to the person that made the Naberus story, one of the darkest and cruel story I ever read. Warframe need more of this!
  9. Unica noticia é que não volta esse ano e que algumas recompensas vão pro evento de halloween em Deimos
  10. And since when he's saying that only PC will receive this changes? Do you know the Series X is already running with RayTracing? With the new console gen, RT will become standard.
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