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  1. I think Void missions don't have alarms. Everything that needs no alarms I go there
  2. Who ask for new content all the time? Ah yes, the community.
  3. hmmm guess January is part of the previous year by @(XB1)TheWayOfWisdom
  4. Reb, give a special thanks to the person that made the Naberus story, one of the darkest and cruel story I ever read. Warframe need more of this!
  5. Unica noticia é que não volta esse ano e que algumas recompensas vão pro evento de halloween em Deimos
  6. And since when he's saying that only PC will receive this changes? Do you know the Series X is already running with RayTracing? With the new console gen, RT will become standard.
  7. However some lore entries suggest that the Void can interfere with our dimension. That's how the Orokin (possibly Albrecht) discovered the Void exists. But they didn't thought it had any real use for spacefaring. Before the Void Era, the Orokin could "see" the Void. After the Void era, with the Heart, the Zariman and Solar Rails, the Void is much more active in our dimension. Creating storms, rifts and all kind of sh*t. "Originally we studied Void occurrences from afar, observing and cataloguing the distribution of galaxies and refining cosmological evolution models. We are in a new age of
  8. As a Latron user since Update 7.1 in 2013, I can say the exact same thing. My Latron P with a riven can one shot or two shot any steel path enemy. Its my favorite weapon in the game and the only one that gives me the DMR feel. And I tried many others, none have the same feel. The recoil, sound, reload and the freakin' damage
  9. The problem is that any MAJOR change will set this community in flames. Remember when DE said they wanted to remove damage mods and everyone went nuts saying "Muh Multishot" The amount of mods that would be removed/changed and the amount of compensations that DE would need to give to player would be gigantic. Players would simply not accept their mods being removed or changed/nerfed. OFC they would greatly accept the buffs tho. However, for DE to makes those changes without any fear of stepping on eggs, the community needs to ask for these changes and back up DE. And this will never happ
  10. At that point the game didn't had Primed Mods (Excluding Primed Chamber), Mod sets, Umbral Mods, Acolyte mods (Mods that require something done to activate a buff) or Augments. Probably didn't have Nightmare Mods or Corrupted Mods. Don't remember which update was during this stream. So... yeah, DE can add more than 300 mods and not run out of ideas. And the Mod System still is the base of the game. Its perfect? No. It requires a major rebalancing for useless mods, but there's a lot of ideas that still can be added. This is pretty much like someone complaining that Path of Exile have too
  11. Can you put some links for me? Atleast TP and Brozime didn't say anything about Plague Star, with TP being the only one that I rarely follow, I didn't saw any videos about the PS Drama
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