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  1. Warframe specters are never seen outside of the junctions in the lore. I mean, the two times they were added to the lore ( dark sector pvp and junctions) they are always guardians of a specific building. Plus, again, Little Duck: "Well well well. Another Tenno. This ain't my usual line a work, y'understand. I'm not from around here. But I got a fast tractor and know how to jump a rail, so a new friend in Cetus set me up with all this. Name's Little Duck: fortune hunter, rail agent and the girl your Mumsie warned you about. And, now, somehow, the local Quill-endorsed purveyor of amps and assorted paraphernalia. So, what'll it be?" ""Been seein' a lot of your kind since a certain incident with a blind girl and a Void Gate."
  2. No. Its multiple Tenno. One protagonist. One Tenno theory has been debunked since Second Dream. You can see multiple Warframes dead on the Plains battlefield in The New War cutscene. And right after the player's Tenno arrives. There's the Little Duck comics that shows her with multiple Tenno too No, there is multiple fingers. Albrecht says that in the requiem entries. Also, I don't know if this is confirmed, but the Void tecnology needs something connected to the Void to use its energy. Like the Tenno is connected and can use Void Energy. So during the Void Era, when they used people to explore the Void, they probably brought things from the Void that can be used as "relics" to power their tecnologies.
  3. Enhanced enables DX12 but you can use DX11. It have volumetric lighting, HDR + a bunch of other things. Classic was the old render for DX9,10,11. Is alot lighter to run. My PC can run on classic at 130fps on max settings. Enhanced it runs at 61fps at max settings... And my PC is really old: EVGA GTX750SC 1GB VRAM at 1600x900 Phenom II X4 945 3.1 8GB DDR3
  4. Yeah, Corpus Metropolis would be a better idea
  5. Making single target weapons AoE is a no no. It defeats the entire purpose of a single target weapon. The only real way is unique enemies that are resistant to AoE. And some enemies that require precise shots like the Nox. However the weakpoint should never take damage from a AoE weapon. Or the AoE should deal reduced damage. Its like a Raid in a MMORPG. We have the boss and the minions. AoE classes deal with the large amount of minions, the single target classes deal with the boss. In Warframe we have only the weak enemies. No boss.
  6. Nah, no limit. But its the most you can get without aiming for collaterals all the time. 3 kills you can get easily by simply shooting into a crowd. 4+ requires more precise aiming, and aiming = time. Not a problem in a corridor tho. Corridors are free real state. But only narrow corridors like Kuva Fortress, not wide ones like Corpus Gas City. AoE simply doesn't care about any of that. Open areas, narrow corridors, wide corridors, small rooms, large rooms. You shoot, everything dies.
  7. Damage will not increase clearing speed because you can't kill faster than 1 shot 1 kill. That's the fastest you can go without taking in consideration reaction speed or aiming speed. And you never proposed buffs to enemies. You simply said: AoE already doesn't care about headshot multiplier. And again, having x20 more damage on Single Target weapons will not make it kill faster. Because we already have single target weapons that kill demolysts lvl 10000 with one shot. You can't kill faster than 1 enemy per shot. Thats the limit. With PT that goes to a max of 3 enemies. And enemy buffs was already proposed by a bunch of people in the thread as a way to fix this without nerfing AoE.
  8. Thats because the offset would be the extremely low ammo pool ( that can be easily bypassed with Ammo Mutation) and the gigantic self stagger radius (that can be easily bypassed with Primed Sure Footed)
  9. I'm not saying that rivens are there to fix anything. I'm saying that my Latron Prime, even with this ridiculous amount of damage per shot, can't do sh*t against a Trumna. I'm saying that damage is not the problem. There are single damage weapons that deals a lot of damage. But ridiculous amounts of damage is useless when you're being attacked by 50 enemies at the same time on Steel Path that uses 4 player enemy spawn all the time. You can only kill one per shot, or if you're using Punch-Through, 2 to 4 kills per shot. Meanwhile a AoE weapon kills 50 per shot or how many enemies you can cram inside the blast radius. About the Latron Prime build, yes it uses a riven. Riven + generic Crit build + Double Tap + Galvanized and Deadhead. It already deals A LOT of damage without the riven tho. Yet I can't use it on survivals. It can't kill fast enough, because one shot one kill is still slower than AoE weapons. I get overwhelmed all the time using it. Single target weapons have a cap. Doesn't matter how much buffs you add to these weapon, they can only kill one enemy per shot. (PT only add like 2 or 3 more kills) AoE doesn't have this cap. If there's 50 enemies in the blast radius, they are all dead. If there's 200 enemies in the blast radius, they're all dead.
  10. What? I think you quote the wrong person. I didn't said anything about rivens
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