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  1. Cara não é preciso olhar. Warframe é um dos jogos mais jogados. Não tem isso de recentemente porque é impossível um jogo que tem 200 mil jogadores consecutivos em todas as plataformas de um dia pro outro ter apenas 4. Como eu disse ali em cima, isso acontece exatamente porque você caiu no limbo entre os servidores. Prova disso era não ter bots da DE no chat, o que tem em todos em todas as regiões.
  2. Pra você trocar de servidor, você também precisa trocar a linguagem do jogo. Se você não trocar, você cai num limbo entre os servidores, que é onde você encontrou os outros 4 jogadores. Que eu me lembre, acho que isso nem é possível nos consoles.
  3. Thats the thing. You don't need to shoot a enemy to kill it. "Look this super awesome high mobile enemy jumping around the map, attacking you from all angles" Meh, press 4 and he's dead. In my case, press stomp and shoot his face after.
  4. Warframe players always find a new idea to f*ck the game even more.
  5. I use Rhino, Latron P, Tombfinger and Velocitus. No problem at all to solo. Sometimes is just easier to hit the guy with a heavy blade 'til death. I use Galatine Prime/Paracesis for that
  6. As a Rhino main, I prefer to use Ironclad Charge + Health Conversion than any other "on damaged" arcanes, Warframe buffs, or archwing setups. Its not hard to hit a lot of enemies.
  7. Yeah Detron Crewman entry is about the first plans to colonize Tau Ceti. The idea would be the Crewman project, but it was abandoned in favor of the Sentients. Lancer Entry talks about the first Sentient attack or something. The Arid Eviscerator entry might be already on the Collapse, since the Grineer are rebelling and the Empire is in desarray because their rulers died, the Executors. In the Guardsmen entry, the Grineer are using Orokin tech to create the first stages of the Empire. Its probably right after the Collapse and all the Orokin left are low ranked survivors still roaming though the system in ships that probably they couldn't even pilot. The Grineer probably wanted the tech to get more clones for a quick expansion. So it would be 1, long period of time, 2, Old War, 3-5-4 and probably after a long time, 6. MOA's were part of the Orokin society. Its explained in the Anti- MOA lore they existed in the Orokin empire probably as combat units/ multitask units. In the Anti-MOA entry, the kid is tinkering with an destroyed Orokin MOA he fixed, that would be the first Corpus MOA. However the Orokin citizen in the ship says they're different than the Orokin ones. Like the Corrupted MOA is so different than the normal MOA the Corpus uses on everything. MOA's, like half of Corpus tech, is result of reverse engineering Orokin salvage.
  8. Corrupted Ancient entry happens during the Old War or during the Colapse. The Warframes are still active cleaning the Infestation left from the War or fighting the Infestation during the War. When the Warframes enter cryostatis, the infestation was already destroyed and only existed in abandoned ships in the far reaches of the Origin System. The Anti Moa Entry happens after the Colapse, the Grineer empire is starting to take control of the Solar Rails. The Corpus as a conglomerate didn't even exist yet. It was just a bunch of scavengers looking for old Orokin tech.
  9. Ok... 1- Mesa isn't called Mesa in the quest. She's called Infested Mesa, meaning she is a infected version of the normal Warframe. 2- Lotus says she is controlled by an Infested mass. This shows that he's controlling the Warframe using infested flesh [ the collar]. He's not the creator of Mesa. That's not a Tenno. That's a hollow Warframe being puppeted by Infested flesh. Put it out of its misery. 3- No one in the system have the tech to create a Warframe. Alad V only created a new strain of Infested called Mutalist. Hence Alad V's name in the Assassination is Mutalist Alad V. 4- This is Infested Mesa. She's being controlled by that collar. Do you know the power of that collar in the Mutalist Alad V assassination? Control the Warframe it hits. That's how he controls her. He isn't the creator. He found a "dead" Warframe, put the collar in her neck and controlled her. 5- She have a Prime version, that means Alad V didn't created her. Ballas or other Orokin in the Warframe project made her. Because only them knew how to make a Warframe. 6- Mesa shows no hint of Corpus tech of Infested parts in her body hinting that Alad V mad her. She's have Tenno aestethics, further showing she is of Tenno or Orokin origin. Even Valkyr have some Corpus tech to show she was modified by him. 7- Only the Helminth strain can create Warframes. And only Ballas and the Orokin knew about this. The power of the Mutalist strain made by Alad V is the ability to remote control and infest robotics. Proof? Mutalist Weapons are Corpus weapons infected by the Mutalist strain. Normal Infested weapons are made of bones and flesh. Some are even alive. This shows its impossible to Alad V create a Warframe using the Mutalist Strain, its not the same one used to create Warframes in the Orokin Era. 8- Ballas, Hunhow and the Tenno are the only ones that know about the Helminth strain. No one knows. It was a secret that only the seven Executors knew and they are all dead. So Alad V couldn't make a Warframe even if he wanted. A mysterious weaponized armor controlled solely by the Tenno. Through the Warframe, Tenno can cheat death, channel the forbidden Void energies and face scores of enemies without fatigue. Due to apparent resistances of their Bio-Metal exoskeletons, Warframes can be safely deployed to Infestation Outbreaks, should they occur. In-depth information of the Warframe mandate is forbidden to all but the Seven. Who's the poster girl of this entry? 9- The entire quest is Alad saying he created the MUTALIST STRAIN. Not Mesa: It is my singular pleasure to announce that today is the first day of a new empire. An empire populated not by Corpus, not by Grineer, and certainly not by Tenno. No, the Mutalist Empire will be populated by you. A glorious new you, baptized by Mutalist Flesh. You call this a disease, an infestation? I call it Unity, one army under me. Welcome to your new species. "Aren't these creatures beautiful Tenno? Cold metal made one with living flesh. I can feel them all within me. They are hungry."
  10. So if the game is unbalanced, this give us the reason to make it even more unbalanced? Nope, read the lore again before writing in the forums.
  11. Warframe is not a single player game. Adding difficulty settings means divide the community through difficulty levels, increasing the time to find a squad for less played missions. Game design is not easy as "do this and everything is fixed".
  12. Conclave is the wrong place to look for players.
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