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  1. You're right about the community and endgame. I don't care about endgame in Warframe. But I know people are leaving because the game doesn't have one. And if DE wants to bring people back, they need to make one. Not PvP or Lunaro content. Do I know what type of endgame Warframe needs? No. Because, like you, I know if is too hard, people will complain and ask for nerfs, if it is to easy, people will complain. This game needs a complete rebalance before endgame content, and this the community doesn't want. Because they fear nerfs to their power fantasy.
  2. Oh yeah, and do you think these 55.302 will leave for the lack of PvP content or for the lack of PvE content? I bet is for the lack of PvE content. And if it is, then better do PvE content only instead of both to please 5 or 6 players in the PvP side.
  3. Yeah, that will be bad. If DE removes Lunaro. The game will have 55.302 players instead of 55.702. A huge loss... Especially if they do this to sent the Lunaro devs to work on content for the remaining 55.302 players. What should they do? Content for 55.302 or content for 400?
  4. Everyone plays new things in the beggining. Doesn't mean anything. Everyone played Anthem in the beggining, made streams about it. Didn't changed the fact the game is sh*t. Conclave and Lunaro were only popular at the launch because everyone was trying it. It was a new thing in the game. Especially Conclave because it was launched in the beggining of the game. When the game had a really small amount of content. After that? Nothing. Older players are leaving because the game doesn't have an endgame. And your brilliant idea is to give then Lunaro updates instead. "Hey veterans, we heard your concerns. We will make new Lunaro content instead of a good endgame, because the community of 5 or 6, ops, 400 players want it! This will sure bring everyone back!"
  5. Can you please show me where I said it should be removed? Do you want an actual comment related to the topic? Ok... I find pathetic this "cause" you guys trying to fight. Complaining because the least played mode in the game (less than raids had in the last time DE showed info, and raid had 1%) is not receiving constant fixes and updates. The game never had focus in PvP or competitive modes. It was added because a small amount of loud and entitled players (like you guys) complained so much that DE tought the PvP community was big. Guess what? It wasn't. Since Conclave 1.0 PvP is dead. Dark Sectors was the only thing that created a big PvP community and even that died after so much bullsh*t, DDoS, Mafias and exploits. Now you complain that DE doesn't care about this mode. Why should they? To make your 4 girlfriends in this thread happy instead of making content for the other 99% of the playerbase that plays the main part of the game? The part that really matters? Why DE should waste manpower, time and money in a mode that no one plays or cares about? Oh sorry, "400 active players" play in a game with 52 thousand online players only on Steam. Acording to your info that looks like a huge lie exposed by other people in this thread already. Why DE should waste time in a failure like Lunaro and Conclave instead of using this time to make something new and probably a lot better?
  6. I think they didn't add it yet. But all endless missions have.
  7. There're still the weekly mission leaderboard if OP wants. I mean, 99% of the people doesn't care about it but....
  8. Yes. Why? Tonkor before the nerf. That's what happens when you have an AoE weapon with massive damage and no drawbacks. You use it like a shotgun.
  9. Zephyr, Nidus and Nova are "100%" fan concepts.
  10. Yeah, the "competitive community" have only clan events as content, and you guys still f*ck it up exploiting everything. Who is the culprit? The owner that let the car open or the thief that stole the car? Many of "competitive players" like you stole the car and now are blaming the owner for letting the door open.
  11. Because players want to talk about said post. Or DE should post something and simply close the thread, so that players can't talk about it?
  12. If they already have a historic of exploiting events and other parts of the game. Then yes, they should be banned.
  13. Its based on a Oni. Don't know the "type". Even the weapon looks the same. A huge club.
  14. Warframe salva a config do seu teclado no seu PC. Sinceramente não sei se vai dar certo mas: Vai na pesquisa do windows e digite %appdata%. Volta 1 diretorio pra "appdata" e vai pra Local e depois Warframe. Vai ter um arquivo chamado EE.cfg. Ele guarda toda a sua config, tanto o layout do teclado quanto a config de video. Salva em um pendrive e quando precisa copia e cola depois de instalar Warframe no PC formatado. Ve se isso resolve.
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