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    Dev Workshop: Spores Revisited (Saryn)

    I love these ideas. It appears like an all around solid design, especially due to the decay mechanic instead of instantly removing the buildup. Also, the workshop itself explains everything a lot better than the last one. There are just a few more questions and ideas from me. The decay mechanic in combination with nullification is a bit unclear. Assuming I have a buildup of 1000 and a duration 100%, on the next decay tick I should lose 100 damage without active spores. What exactly happens when I have a nullification effect. Will it be percentage lost + 30% (i.e. 30% with active spores and 40% without) or will it be percentage lost * 1.3 (0% with active spores and 13% without)? Both value ranges seem wrong to me, especially in regards to the conduit. Even if you jump inside with active spores on an enemy, the gain will be next to nothing because of the time slowdown (which I believe doesn't affect any effects on the warframe, just the movement) and over the duration of 5+ seconds (which many say is too long anyway) you'll lose over 80% of your buildup. For the conduit specifically it would be more sensible if we lost 30% once, especially since we lose another 20% when we have to recast the ability anyway. That way we'd come out with about 50% of our buildup remaining. Picture this, you're stuck in the admittedly very pretty transition animation, but it's ruined because your eyes are glued to your spore damage that gets completely gimped while you're unable to do anything about it.
  2. LuminousShot

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Well, I can see you wish for a more sophisticated melee combat system, which seems very desirable, but you have me a bit worried that this might make it less fun than it is right now. Am I saying this because spin to win is damn strong right now? Yes, probably plays a big part in it. Here's my opinion what should be paramount in designing the melee combat for warframe, do with it as you please, I don't care too much about the cool factor, but if you kill the momentum, it'll be frustrating, and dying because your character suddenly decided to take it slowly is less fun than spinning against a wall for an hour. So, if I get the idea to use your new jump attack mechanic, and I hover slowly in the air for 2 seconds because the game wanted to be nice and give me time to aim, and then a bombard's rocket hits me, I'll be having very little fun. Same bombard, most likely a different location, I try dispatching that guy up close and personal, but notice too late that my first 3 attacks didn't connect because the game is realistic enough to decide it was illogical for my weapon to go through the side of a terminal, but not realistic enough to simply strike in one of the many ways from my position where the weapon wasn't obstructed. Other than those fears of mine, I think the dodge cancelling is a step in the right direction, and the other changes you named seem very interesting.
  3. LuminousShot

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    Okay, a rework to make her easier to understand. I can absolutely get behind that. It also looks promising from what I can tell. Kinda missed the presentation because I tuned in to the stream too late. So, sorry if I ask about something that was explained during the stream. Let's wait with spores until the end. Stat increase is nice. Recently I thought it's a bit of a shame that frames with healing capabilities usually have less armor because the armor mods we have aren't as good for EHP as other defensive mods for most frames, but the effective healing improvement is notable as long as you have good armor. Molt still feels like it's missing some meat. It's now even more of a self buff than it was before. Assuming the invincibility phase is 3 seconds as with Rhino, that usually means it'll survive 6 seconds longer at best. Maybe I'm alone with that opinion, but I feel like molt shouldn't be an ability I cast to save my own skin and run away. Instead it could be a "totem" of sorts that lasts for a set (fairly short) duration, draws fire, and gives everyone some buff as long as they stay nearby. Miasma sounds great. No complaints here. Only thing I want to ask is, does it reapply the viral status with each damage tick? It might turn out that the viral component is the only really effective part about this in sortie 3 situations or ESO, and extending the viral duration by means of modding ability duration would be nice. I think the toxic lash changes hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Spores... well, I can't give you much feedback because there are not nearly enough details. I guess I like that you changed it to corrosive. Primarily useful against grineer and corrupted, but a sensible change. Do they only pop from enemy death and toxic lash attacks? If no, is there a difference to popping them with toxic damage or not? Is the range still reduced when the enemies die, instead of popping the spores manually? Does the damage purely increase over time, or is there still a way to deal more by popping them manually? Is the limit of spores per enemy still 3? Maybe a bit late, but is popping still a thing, or do they just spread without disappearing and the only way to actually pop them is by recasting the ability, which makes all of them disappear? I didn't understand the part about 2x damage when recasting the ability. 2x of what? Surely not tick damage? How does recasting the ability work with the buff from the augment? If I try to buff an ally and slightly miss will that mean all my spores are gone? What if I want to detonate them, will my ally lose the buff early? It would be great if you could update the spores section with more details because it's very unclear (to me at least) what you're really doing. Other than that, I'm really excited to see what you've planned.
  4. It's theoretically endless, it's just much harder to progress for a long time thanks to the pressure of the efficiency meter. Just because it's endless, doesn't mean someone expects they'll spend 10+ hours in it.
  5. Yeah, I was in a really sour mood yesterday, but I give credit where credit is due. These changes look pretty good. One thing regarding the different tiles. It currently feels like your net efficiency gain/loss per zone depends not only on the tile but also the faction. I don't know if all factions get the same spawns within any given tile, or if grinner for example have different spawn points/rates than infested. But maybe the tougher and rarer enemies could give more efficiency per kill? You know, to such a degree that if I manage to get to zone 14 in a week where the last three zones are infested, I'll also get to zone 14+-1 in the next week where the last three zones are grineer.
  6. LuminousShot

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7

    I guess now you've made clear that you don't want this to be a challenging endless mode. I have to say I'm disappointed. Despite that, thanks for the quick bugfixes.
  7. LuminousShot

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.3

    Thank you for always working so hard, especially after a big update. Some might complain about the buggy state of the game after an update, but let's face it, 50000+ of us are probably faster at discovering bugs than you ;)
  8. LuminousShot

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0 +

    Thanks mate, I saw it too when looking through the thread. Megan's post was literally 3 after the newest one I saw when I started typing. I have since edited my comment.
  9. LuminousShot

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0 +

    Again, please implement a slight scaling factor to the Kuva gained from harvesters, only to compensate for things like increased life support spawn time and risk of the harvester being destroyed the longer you play. Otherwise I claim you can't rightfully call this endless Kuva if efficiency decreases the longer you stay. I just did a test for a short run, no time for a longer one because it's kinda late here. Here's a summary of a "10 minute run" It took about 11 minutes until I left, mostly because I'm not too familiar with the layout. In theory I'd have received 1400 Kuva for that, but it turned out to only be 1200, more about that at the end of the comment. Survival was no problem at all thanks to the activated harvesters causing a lot of enemies to spawn (or is that the tileset in general?) Sometimes it would take another 10-20 seconds for the enemy with the item to spawn after the life support was already there (ready to be activated). Verdict: as a short mission to gain Kuva it works, but it's just barely within your margin of being between siphons and floods, and the more time passes, the less effective it becomes. Please, when we ask for scaling we most of us don't do this because we want it to be 3 times as effective as farming Kuva floods. We just want it to be as effective after 100 minutes as it is after 10 (and maybe a tiny bit more effective than it is right now.) Bug: I couldn't turn one of the life support units into a harvester because the item fell onto a rail and kept endlessly respawning. Here EDIT: with the added information from Megan (thank you) that the time between harvester spawns no longer increases in kuva survival, disregard what I said about scaling. This is fine now. Thank you. I still wouldn't mind a tiny increase due to rising difficulty, but now it feels like it at least fulfills it purpose.
  10. Some players have already said that they want the kuva reward and health of the harvester to scale according to enemy level and because the spawn rate of the life support decreases over time. I absolutely agree. What really worries me though is that progression in this mode is entirely dependent on one certain enemy spawning somewhere near the player/harvester in a timely manner. Can you really guarantee that this will happen in at least 9 out of 10 harvests? Because if not this mode will become absolutely miserable, like solo excavations currently make me feel.
  11. I'm very worried that the Chroma Vex Armor change is misguided because the results I see in game don't match the math that was explained in the last dev workshop. So far I was under the impression that the problem with his damage being too high came from Vex Armor's interaction with damage types, not with mods. In the Q&A of the previous post it was stated that the current formula is [(Base * Mods) * Vex Armor] which results in Chroma being able to oneshot Terralyst parts. However, isn't there a weird behavior with Vex Armor being applied multiple times, depending on weapon damage types? I believe it was something along the lines of weapons without dual elemental damage types function as it was described in the Q&A. Weapons that were modded to have a dual element function like this [(Base * Mods) * Vex Armor * Vex Armor] and weapons with innate dual elements like this [(Base * Mods) * VA * VA * VA] Let's use some values. Lanka deals 525 damage with a 2* crit multiplier. Let's assume a crit here. That would be 1050 electric damage. Modded I have 9758 (2358 toxin 7400 radiation) damage with a 8.2* crit multiplier. So a total of 80,000 damage on a crit. With Vex armor I get 474% bonus damage, so the highest number I should possibly see on a crit would be 460,000 (80,000 * 5.74) Sorry for rounding so wildly, but the differences I'm trying to point out are so large that my rounding shouldn't be the issue. When I shoot a corrupted bombard in the simulacrum at its lowest level I crit for roughly 36,000. No headshots, stealth, or combo multiplier. With Vex Armor, I crit for 1,117,000. It shouldn't even be necessary at this point but that is indeed more than 36,000*5,74 and even more than what should be possible without the enemy's armor, as described above. Even though there is a slight error I can't really explain, this is closer to 36,000*5,74² (1,186,000). So, my problem with this change is, what will the result be? If the change described in the Q&A is made [Base * (Vex + Mods)]. Will this be the truth, regardless of weapon damage, and for my example we're looking at something like [1050 * (5.74 + 76.2)] = 86,000 => 7.5% more than the 80,000 we have without vex. [76.2 = factor to get from unmodded crit to modded crit] Or will it be this [1050 * (5.74² + 76.2)] = 114,600 => 43% more than without Vex, which is less than a rhino roar at base power strength. Of course, that would mean there are still the other two cases where Vex is applied 1 or 3 times, which are equally stupid. Bottom line is, if mods and vex are added together, one will drown out the other, regardless if the strange damage type dependent behavior remains or is patched out. To me the only reasonable answer can be to actually fix said behavior and let vex remain fully multiplicative with modded damage. Who knows, maybe that is what is actually being done with the patch, but in that case the explanation was very misleading.
  12. Just throwing this idea into the thread, sorry if someone had a similar one on the previous 22 pages. Wouldn't it be nice if Mass Vitrify was spinning just like Spectrorage, so the damage would be a bit more spread across the whole thing?