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  1. yes, the problem is that farming these ressources, especially at this ratio, is the worst, boring, time waisting thing warframe has to offer... and we already have alot to do and alot to farm right now
  2. i don´t want to be impatient but any eta on hotfix? it´s almost 6 days ago it´s way to expensive to experiment with the helminth system right now, and it doesn´t make sense to invest ressources until the hotfix arrives, i don´t want to subsume any warframe or infuse any ability that uses bile until i know how many ressources we get back therefore you probably miss alot of feedback too and i´m getting sick of ppl trying to convince us that the ratio is fine, omg... no healthy human or non-human beeing farms bile at current time/ressource ratio...
  3. i agree and i can´t be the only one hwo expects more from a community frame, i´m dissapointed right now, i mean, if it would be a normal frame i wouldn´t care at all EDIT: i´m dissapointed with Xaku´s kit, animations are great, Xaku´s look is great, i just can´t see any use for Xaku´s kit and basic changes probably doesn´t fix it
  4. i didn´t know that , thank you EDIT: well that just works if you have your browser on a second monitor right?
  5. no, i don´t complain, i´m asking a simple question EDIT: same here, your browser was on the a second monitor right? i don´t get twitchdrops if my browser is in the background while playing warframe on 1 monitor, i can use a second monitor, but alot of players can´t
  6. "Megan said on stream that they'll be available in the store at some point in the future" i know that, i´m asking for more detailed infos "That said, you could tune in to some and just mute them and let it run in a different tab or play warframe or walk away" it has to be the active tab and it can´t be in the background and muted or not, it´s disturbing
  7. will there be another way to get the prex cards? i don´t want to be disturbed while playing a new update full of lore and new stuff
  8. Brozime nailed it. pls delay the helminth system and put it on the testserver at 25.8, thats why we have the testserver! omg... i don´t even want the update anymore...
  9. @DE pls consider to delay the helminth Chrysalis system and put it on the testserver instead it doesn´t feel rdy yet, i mean 128 pages in this thread, last minute changes, no clarifications, 1800+ possible combinations... tenno can help, at least a poll, ty
  10. not many ppl know it, PSSSST ^^ thats one of these, we may or may not nerf it kind of things it´s at least available for all warframes
  11. i don´t see it, but i assume it´s the mecha set? will Roar have an effect on it?
  12. with roar and elemental sandstorm i guess? if it kills high lvl enemys it could be a problem, idk, i wait for the update a decreased effect of subsumed dmg abilities will at least help
  13. if you are able to put dmg buffs on every warframe the game gets easier, warcry will buff armor and attack speed speed on excal for example, steel path will be very easy and thats just 1 example, there will be many combinations that just melt whole rooms in seconds... I hope youre right about the AI, i suggested mixed enemy groups with lichs etc spawn around you instead of bullet spongy enemys too, it would require more skill, but thats just my opinion, warframe is still more for casual gamers i don´t get the whole Roar and Warcry discussion, just decrease it´s effect if it´s subsumed, Va
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