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  1. Can we get a "hide tennogen" in the market like we have hide owned tennogen is great and all but when Im looking for something and I dont remember its name its a pain to go through all tennogen items just to find that one DE skin you know pls.
  2. Wait is the reduced craft time to 23 hours an early april fools joke? People were asking for 6h forma 12h reactro/catalist/exilus most if not all weapons need at least 2 forma not to mention aura/stance forma need 4 just to craft 1 if you arent going to give players what they want dont reduce the craft time by an hour and say you listend to player feedback it just feels like a slap in the face saying we wont give you what you want but we will say we did.RJ still needs bug fixes as well and a command intrinsic before 2021 please.
  3. I wasnt expecting scarlet spear any time soon after the rework update but before you do launch it at the end of march can we see more RJ hotfixes: black borders/screens when using side guns cliping through the floor or falling under the map when using the artillery veil proxima drops mk1 weapons and components after the update some crewships dont blow up and you cant finish the mission getting frozen in place when using the forges or being unable to use gear/operator/any of your weapons RJ not spawning in the dry dock so you cant enter and thats just what I have found not to mention all the new bugs that will come with squad link and the operation so before launching new content please fix the old stuff at least a bit.
  4. The QoL changes are always nice took longer than it should. The status chance for weapons with lower status is good for those that had high status it doesnt look that way will have to wait and see. The arcanes are taking a HUGE hit in terms of not only are the stats getting nerfed but the grind to get them to lvl 5 is going to be horrible thats what 21? arcanes just to get 1 to lvl 5 with worse stats than a lvl 3 current arcane rip arcanes and market for them. Liches roll back is good can we also get the lichs rage gauge to fill no matter on which lichs planet the squad is and the third requiem murmur count can use a bit of a bumb down. RJ valens fusion type system when
  5. Can the lich grind be looked at some more the murmur grind is still way too much if you arent lucky enough to guess the requiems especially the third one. Railjack patches please the load bug is still around and when you enter the turrets or big gun you still get either a black mess or the camera clips through the ship and can we for the love of salad V get the weapon merge system from the liches transfered over to railjack guns/reactors/shields/engines and can we get some way to "forma" avionics slots the way it is now with the best reactor you still need to leave a few slots empty if you plan to use the best avionics at max rank I really dont see why its limited in such a way when you already have a way to decrease drain on every other piece of equipment.
  6. Not to be mean or anything but can we please get what was show on Tennocon 2019 in game first before we start hyping the 2020 one.Liches need more work rail jack has fallen to the wayside already and you still have a third spider just chilling in the valis pool...
  7. Some good changes to be sure but I feel like the bonus you get from fusing kuva weapons is low to get 60% you would have to grind a lot of liches I understand thats optional but still almost everyone is going to do it a bit of a bump in the % bonus you get when you fuse would be good melee heavy change is great as well and its good to see that murmurs are going to get looked at its still a mind numbing grind please lower them.Instead of making players grind a lot to keep them in game add more weapons to the kuva pool more things to grind FOR not more grind.
  8. Removing the repair drone was a great idea nerfing the armor as well but slaming weapons Im not so sure about still havent tested all of them and twise as much wrecks isnt the problem the COST to repair them is come on that still isnt reduced and can we just auto get everything that drops from the map when we finish the mission no one wants to run around for 20 minutes when you finished the mission in 5.
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