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  1. I have my melee bound to mouse 4 wich is one of the thumb buttons on my mouse and heavy melee on mouse 5 if I hold block or aim aka right mouse button I cant melee works just fine if I dont hold right mouse I even tryed it on a different mouse still doesnt work
  2. So now that my railjacks done when can I you know do anything with it was hoping to at least paint it...
  3. Theres a heavy melee only button tho why not be able to just press that and it puts your melee in hand but the swings a heavy
  4. Was just wondering if this is a bug or is intended doesnt make much sence if it is intended.
  5. So lets say you have 7 krakens like me and no one wants to trade the 8th kraken you get for something else well you are #*!%ed and the chances of you getting duplicates is almost the same DE should have made it so you kill a lich and get say a bounty hunter badge or something and you could trade these badges for kuva weapons from Iron wake for example maybe even for the ephemera not flud trade chat with people selling the weapons for ungodly amounts of plat not to sound like a hater but the system was implemented very badly instead of having the same old crack a relic get a mod grind your face of to kill a lich and get trash they should have done something new
  6. Just wanted to know if Im the only one who finds it disappointing that they left it on daggers.The way I see it its just an easy way out of leaving daggers as trash tier instead of giving them a rework because if you remove Cover Lethality from daggers the 3 people who use them will aslo agree that they are totaly trash with the *big* melee rework this was a great time to give them said rework very disappointing
  7. If its getting DElaid at least launch it with less bugs so you dont need 2 days of hotfixes but Im not surprised its next week to be honest DE launches things either monday or tuesday most of the time.
  8. Kind of lame that if you have the stuff from the other season you get nothing for a few ranks would have been nice for those who played the other season to get something else like a reactor arcane kuva or something.
  9. I was just abot to make a post about this.I think at the very least make the damn exilus slot come with a universal polarity when unlocked, buff the mod cap which is probably not gonna happen or as you said just make it not drain capacity Exilus Adapters cost 2 forma to make and the way it is I cant say Ill be using it the mods they make available for it are all trash or have very limited use and who the #*!% at DE decided that reload speed is not a utility mod ffs.
  10. With the Exilus slot coming to weapons will we see a buff to mod cap or at least will the exilus slot have a universal polarity at the moment whats needed to craft a exilus adapter is a bit much and can we get some more info on melee 3.0 I know its a meme at this point but the way I see it its not gonna happen this year so I just want to know how its going.
  11. The arcanes should be in the vitus exchange not in the drop tables and I cant say Im a fan of the AABBC change with the upscale of vitus costs and the arcanes in the drop tables with more AABB rotations even with shorter times spent per rotation seems like a change that changes nothing or dare I say makes it a bit worse and the drop chane of vitus from the drones is gonna be the same as a rare resource like orokin cells and thats not the best
  12. Can we get an update about melee 3.0 or at least a bit of info its been almost a year since it was announced and with the stuff thats coming before the end of the year I doubt melee 3.0 is this year so any update or a bit of a showcase would be nice.
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