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  1. I wish I had an optional "old combat", at least my problem can be solved by giving up the weapons and playstyle I have used for the last few years. so it sounds like one bug, if youre using steam, is talked about here: this video directly mentions "cant melee twice" and has a fix: the option in settings I was talking about is under controls, most of the way down: "melee with fire weapon input" for the "melee as primary form of attack" part of your first message. Hope some of that helps
  2. I havent tried this myself as I do not use a controller, apparently there is/was some kind of bug until you toggle a melee based setting in options. As against the update as I am, I believe your issue has a resolution
  3. Just tossing in my 2 cent, I have been around since just about the beginning although I don't post often. The melee update took warframe from being an amazing game, to one where I feel like i'm constantly fighting with the controls. I understand not (remotely) everyone uses my set up, but if an option could be added back that removes the auto switch it would be amazing. My set up: Zenith: Pressing the secondary fire deploys a disc that switches the gun to a 1000000% pierce, semi auto, see heads through walls killing machine for 30 seconds. Synoid Gammacor: simply for the energy regen every x amount of affinity zaw with bleeding willow stance All 3 were hurt by the update. In most situations I can shoot my gun and quick melee fluidly. The quick melee with polearms allows 100% full speed sprinting while attacking. After the update you switch to the actual combo which results in a stutter every 3rd attack. Now that you've meleed and you have your melee weapon out you notice that your timer has run out for your zenith, click the secondary fire button.. but wait your melee weapon is out so nothing happens. You have to right click to pull the weapon back out, then secondary fire. So where before I never had to switch weapons, now i'm being FORCED to manually switch weapons Very similar with the gammacore, as previously I could run (full speed) melee killing while never thinking about a gun. Post update melee kills cannot count towards the affinity needed for the energy gain. Please allow an option to return to never having to think about what weapon is actively showing.
  4. You have to enter a mission to see it. it's 90% of your base, level 1 hp. 495 on inaros
  5. ..it dropped 2 juggernauts later.
  6. Seems the only rhyme or reason is that once you post you magically get it. With the estimated 10% drop chance, I killed an unknown number before I actually started trying, then went directly for it, with nekros, killing 100 juggernauts (start mission, trigger juggernaut, kill, leave). I have since left the quest active as I continued on with life for the last year, I've never seen a blueprint.
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