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  1. hoping they make it work with guns. that'd be amazing
  2. Are there any plan to implement an extraction screen similar to what we get in defense/interception missions to the new solo-extraction in survival/excavation mission? Would yall consider making each NW campaign permanent and we just select which one we're grinding for?
  3. What is your opinion on the base capture in Orb Vallis that gives you access to a fortuna npc in the base? Do you feel satisfied with it? Do you plan to expand on it a bit more? I feel like it isn't amazing at the moment as it is exactly like going back to the Elevator to start a new bounty, but with the added two minutes delay, so it doesn't feel worth it to me. It could be interesting if there were a few special things we could do in a captured base. Maybe an endless mission triggered by a special bounty given by the npc?
  4. The miter with the nullifier augment equipped does not pop the special nullifier bubbles in Orb Vallis (I'm talking about the ones given to a normal enemy by some sort of drone). Is this intended?
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