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  1. had nothing to do. so here without phase skipping revenant. emissary steel path so like 4:17 with mirage and fists melee. mirage buff turns into light one when she holds lattern. kinda cheeze too.
  2. pls no. madurai users exploited this for too long. would be also nice to fix sniper rifle combo keep stacking while shooting invulnerable eidolon. and also fix ability to shoot eidolon limb during spawning stage. those grose exploits should gone.
  3. they not only covering the problem. they also spread misinformation on top. for example some people now sure it's related with % of damage on mission (this leads from de stuff post in one of such threads). so someone may go endless mission while being sure he won't get banned because he is active and done manykills muchdamage and still get tradebanned/banned because it's not related with % in a first place.
  4. kinda. feels rly odd to have all the gear just to farm new gear, while waiting and prepare for some actual content. and on each next update farm the new gear again instead of finally playing "the game". Warframe is nothing but blueballing.
  5. thats nice but how about addressing recent hostile tradeban issues
  6. thats my tradeban case. 2 players banned 2 not.
  7. waiting for someone who will come and tell it's your blame to look and play like a bot UwU
  8. welcome to the club of tradebanned for steel essence farming ^_^
  9. it's not flag tradeban because you looked like a bot. it does flag you just for suspicious amount of resources you get. passive-agressive style of punishing everyone who does nothing but simply play your game should not be advocated.
  10. i got tradebanned after 2h 13mins run too. for the whole 100 steel essence. lovely.
  11. brozime fans be like: lets make a 40 pages of copy-paste irrelevant ex partner opinion, because we don't have our own.
  12. i d say needs a simple limitation for a time riven being available for trade, like couple of weeks since unveil. desire of riven owner to sell riven faster will naturally dump the price to a reasonable level. market will become fluid because no more perfectroll_manyplat rivens hanging for trade over year, thats guarantee for more rivens being trade, more rare weapons, less price.
  13. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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