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  1. justifying using game mechanic? sorry, what? yes, it's bad design charm, bad design se, acos and sp itself actually. de moved se to acos to avoid afk macro and it's kinda worked. except new change will return people to couple keys spam again. you're trying to justify trashy design decision as acceptable, even tho that decision will make game even more unhealthy.
  2. that's exactly affect players who actively playing, because they need to collect loot except se and also control spawns of acos. it's not impossible to afk that, but surely way harder and requires to present on each spawn at least. adding timer on se will cause people make a 3 keys macro. this will just return everything to afk khora spam again.
  3. steve doesn't rly care about destroying warframe visuals but for looking good on preview images on new consoles. whole last year of patching (ruining) graphics was only for that. nobody will bring back uncompressed textures without artifacts, adequate lighting and sane effects back. so forget about visual clarity. no single cent out of couple hundreds millions dollars of de revenue will go on that.
  4. minimum wage devs - minimal vomvs speed as result UwU
  5. still no adaptive exposure toggle to avoid cringe like this:
  6. i just gonna leave it here to justify in 100th time how poor trashy and unneeded that new light system is. this scene change from options to orbiter. this gif is not slowed down. it's exactly how it happens. look at that light change time it takes lol. and now imagine what happens when u dash at light speed among some bright tilesets or shoot stuff by explosions. doesn't matter will it be same slow or become better and faster, those transitions should not exist at all. @[DE]Steve buy me sunglasses.
  7. very nice u add adaptive exposure toggle oh wait... u dont.
  8. no, it's good bug, let it be, no fix pls ^_^
  9. so no auto exposure toggle again. i mean, i do understand it's not because it's hard to return, but because hard to admit mistakes (same as with labels removal back then or with players bans for nicknames back now ^_^ ) but it's 9 months passed already... nice work, keep it going.
  10. because part of settings tied directly to your ign. your old settings file is available at C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Warframe\folderwithmanynumbersandletters\ newly created folder is obviously your new nick and previously created folder is your old nick. setting file inside can be backed up if you need, also you can replace setting file for new nickname by old setting file to restore all the changes.
  11. how about insane amount of bright and blinding effects during playing railjack, can we return effects transparency, brightness levels and so on to prior deimos preview patch? or at least adaptive exposure toggle?
  12. eidolon hunts are not self sustainable in plat values for years. before ss even come it's already was about 100 plat per 6x3 average, complete joke in terms of plat/time among any plat farm in game and in terms of difficulty/plat neither. nowadays value is 50p average at best. so like all hunters tears are late. eidolon hunts abandoned content full of bugs hanging years and there's nothing gonna happen about that. you guys are CoNcLaVe pve edition, except a bit more players willing to try this dull buggy grindfest. amount of 1k hc players was about 300 people at end of 2019, today sure it's way more, but remaining active 5/6x3'ers quantity won't reach even 200 people. such amount of players doesn't worth to look and listen at. you don't exist ^^ also need to say de listen only few people and consider their feedback valued, just look at upcoming melee nerf caused by few trash ytbers, or look at old self damage nerf caused just by 1 trash ytber at all. so to summ: its not worth for way longer than many of "hunters" play their hunts. you are extreme minority, rest players want easier access to those rewards, wanna change something, well, you are not considered as feedback source because you are not shy or leyzar or any other incompetent player-content creator. shoo.
  13. dem arcane mafia whines they loose their stockpiles of plat. finally they gonna pay the price for being so eletists this game gonna be only better without hunters, change my mind!
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