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  1. elevator music or any other music that gonna feel like elevator music ^_____^
  2. This itzal blink nerf is for good. Simply because archwing is not great way to travel in open locations in warframe. Archwings lack the good game design of being a nice mount and loosing in comparing to kdrives. Kdrive has great and entertainment design, modular system, good variety of different movement mods, tricky to use and well you can even do different flips on it which makes boring moving from point A to point B a true adventure and in addition calm pace allows you to enjoy the amazing landscape of warframe openworlds. On top of that you can even drive it on water while archwing drowns and teleports you and also kdrive gives you temporary protection from damage and status effects, while archwing has no such benefit. So after all the kdrive is the definition of how travel meant to be made, I would very appreciate if wings could be removed from open worlds completely because they do feel irrelevant to the open world game design.
  3. cette histoire triste semble ne jamais se terminer
  4. Maryn - Shake You Off the text you gonna read here < done.
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