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  1. since you seems only person who respond on at least some of messages ever, here some thousands words thing, old as dirt and never being fixed ^ this L menu bug presents even on warframe stream of upcoming railjack and corpus liches
  2. my first message about adaptive exposure in this thread was removed. very lovely, but same as removing this toggle from game settings - that's not fixing problem,
  3. that ignorance about adaptive exposure kinda highlights you aware it's a problem. also all those small tweaks around light too, but that's wont help much can we just get back our toggle?
  4. still no adaptive exposure toggle. also seems space under rug is infinite.
  5. a guide link The six principles of Profit-Taker - A speedrunner's guide
  6. what's with adaptive exposure toggle state? would be nice if you or some team member clarify is it forever forced or some temporary (over half year) measure.
  7. yes. perfect, need to bury graphics completely till no return. now also sound in opus (which is great codec but clearly not made up for game yes) and connection on slower protocol. sigh.
  8. how about no? it rly won't help you anyhow on low end pc. people who got actually long loads on their 4-8mb cache mobile cpu's should finally upgrade for something stronger, or not expect game to work smoothly on something so outdated. more than that, caching is already there, making it cache more stuff wont lead to anything but more read/write bandwidth. also function you talking about caused memory leak, fixing that leak caused fixing that speed load feature. so you trying to request bug-based feature, warframe got enough bugs don't ask for one more pls. get better pc.
  9. ok maybe a complete wrong miss, but now it sounds as caching issue (kinda same when you try dx12 on windows) so maybe it's a "did you try to reboot your router" stupid question from me, but is that check on: getting shaders cache takes awhile, when you clean shader cache on windows it's feels alike. and also, once again, if game is not on native filesystem linux run on, but on ntfs drive shared/external mounted, then you will have worse performance.
  10. first of all game have stutters and drops galore on windows too on some hardware/settings. second of all, when people not write specs of what they do use it's lol. when people not write specs and just say linux it's lol^2, because on top of hardware specs linux have tons of distributions, tons of drivers versions, filesystems, desktop enviroments etc. it's all different ahell, even proton itself depending on libraries/dlls/env variables etc included can be heavily different. so i would just suggest check protondb warframe page to check your issues source. but whatever the thing
  11. oh lol. so previous one they applied some sharpen filter on textures and called it an improve, now they run smooth filter on mesh and call it an improve. thanks for the new soapy look, but maybe enough ruining graphics, last 6-8 months are complete joke. light and dynamic range go insane values, exposure rip, shadows rip, textures compression artifacts all over the places, normal maps rip, now there also gonna be soaped meshes, so lovely. some kind of gta5/skyrim "enhanced graphics" mods visual eyesore happening here. what's next, nude mode i suppose? seriously, how such signif
  12. people requesting bans simple not very experienced in game or got short memory. warframe endgame is all about getting banned. like, get too much steel per set time get ban, get too much credits per set time get ban, get huge score in some event cause you did use loki to teleport amalgam into abyss > get ban, get huge score in some event even without using loki to teleport amalgam into abyss > still get ban, make a photoshoped riven image for humor purposes > get ban, btw wanna send some dull joke into chat > get ban, your ram get damaged and have some errors > get ban, trad
  13. yes, except it was 4k credits for 15/20 minutes (depending space/ground) and + x2 of that as relay ends in case of win (and ye pretty much every relay in range of 2h30 mins was success) so it's 3 legendary arcanes per 15/20 mins average.
  14. so few times worser currency gain (which made ss rewards few times easier to pick) is better cause random drops from orphix? ok. so having obsolete stupid 1,5 min set timer between orphix just to make you sit in 54 mins (without being able speed it up) is less time dependent. ye especially being locked inside that bucket and have 0 alternative to use anything else from your arsenal. i mean, you enjoy it it's great, but calling this lazy created event better, well, no. less gameplay choices, way less rewarding and more time consuming is clearly not
  15. despite in Hotfix 29.6.5 notes it's state as fixed, it's not fixed. still can get eidolon spawn/despawn sound loop while on cetus.
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