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  1. SabreUr

    Coming Soon: Devstream #93!

    With many elements of plot introduced in past events, I believe that there is a lot of new players who are missing out on sigificance of certain references they encounter while playing the game (to Gradivus dillema, Alad's Mutalist Empire, why there are remains of relays around some planets). Are you considering introduction of short plot pieces (few lines of dialogue, messages for inbox) for each planet/node that would provide some context why are we there and what is happening? (For example while fighting Sergant, who, as per lore is a collector of Orokin artifacts we would find out about Alad being his prime buyer for something called Zanuka project and so on). Something like Acts in Diablo or Torchlight, where only few lines of text would outline why are we going to dungeon X to whack monster Z.
  2. SabreUr

    Coming Soon: Devstream #78!

    1. With Movement 2.0 and Melee 2.0 introduced, there is, I feel, one element that was not touched by changes, and that is drop-down attack (press [melee strike] while falling down). Are there any plans of remaking that attack? 2. We receive more and more of various updates to Warframe, starting with various in-game systems, ending on new technical features (dimensional sound, new types of AA, new map light), but I think there is one system that was not yet improved, at least not that I know about - level generation. Are there any plans, even distant ones, to add some new features to this element, more way to randomize rooms or some other change? 3. What are the next steps for Lunaro? Any chance for clan-built stadiums, clan/alliance championships? 4. With new bosses being more and more sophisticated, with many stages, specific arenas etc. are there any plans of revisiting older bosses, like Lech Kril, Jackal, Sargas Ruk?
  3. SabreUr

    Coming Soon: Devstream #68

    1. Could you share what next tileset will be? 2. Are there any plans to remake drop-down (death from above) melee attack? 3. Any idea what major theme of next big update will be?
  4. SabreUr

    Coming Soon: Devstream #60!

    With Parkour 2.0 and change it brought to wall running and level traversing can we expect removal of some teleportation volumes (from holes we can easily get out of now) and additional, more vertical/wall-run centered rooms for old tilesets that will utilize new system?
  5. SabreUr

    "copy Warframe Colours"-Option Not Working.

    Moving to UI Bugs.
  6. SabreUr

    Non-Binary Gender Frame

    This thread failed to remain civil and will be locked for review.
  7. SabreUr

    The Flawed Conclave

    Moving to PvP feedback.
  8. SabreUr

    Coming Soon: Devstream 50!

    Recently we saw introduction of Tenno weapons sets sharing similar design theme - most notably Bladed set with Redeemer, Tigris and Akjagara and now Soma-themed set. Can we expect any lore attached to them (and any upcoming sets), like mentioned few times lore behind polarity symbols being signs of old Tenno clans, or are these just stylistic choices for people who like certain popular weapons and want to build their armory around them?
  9. SabreUr

    Zapros Czlonka Zespolu

    Będzie "Zaproś do gry" :P
  10. SabreUr

    Zapros Czlonka Zespolu

    Dobry pomysł, powinno być w następnej aktualizacji.
  11. SabreUr

    2Nd Anniversary Content Revealed Megathread!

    Nope for gifspamming.
  12. SabreUr

    Coming Soon: Devstream #45!

    1. Is there a chance/plans for more complex command system for companions, something based on "if statement", for example "If shields = 0, then use Shield Regen" - something like Dragon Age: Origins tactics for NPCs. 2. Long time ago (Devstream 20, around 42 minutes :P) Steve said, that he thinks that "something was lost" with removal of randomly generated mods and there are some "carefully considered ideas" that maybe some kind of "variations" will be reintroduced - is it still a thing, or was it scrapped? 3. What would you consider good and interesting reward for players who managed to get everything that is in game? What reward would you consider worthy for those hinted (in last Devstream overview) 8-players missions. Or how do you think you could reward players for running same missions many times, even if they already obtained all items that were...well, obtainable in it?
  13. SabreUr

    Coming Soon: Devstream #44!

    1. Are there any plans (that you can share) regarding new machanics and features for already existing systems, that will influence how they work (will influence both old elements and new, like Aerial attacks for Melee and recent Archwing changes)? Like new mechanics for Melee, Archwing, Invasions, Nightmare, Environmental Hazards, Companions. 2. (or 1b) Is there a chance/plans for more complex command system for companions, something based on "if statement", for example "If shields = 0, then use Shield Regen" - something like Dragon Age: Origins tactics. 3. Are there any chances for high level content that would require squad of players to complete series of connected missions in order to get the reward? (Or even The Prize?). Not like quest, where you can join at any time, but mission-chain that would require one squad to go from beginning to end.
  14. SabreUr

    Aktualizacja 15.7.0: Nova Prime

    Kwestia kosmetyki jest taka, że każdemu się podoba co innego :D Ale, oto i fotosy, popatrz i oceń. Jedną rzeczą, która może przeszkadzać jest straszne nachodzenie się przedmiotów, które masz na plecach z tym "generatorem Syandany", ale można się przyzwyczaić. I bonusowo Sigil, kolor można ofc zmieniać.
  15. SabreUr

    Aktualizacja 15.8.0

    Nie całe, nie przypisuj mi całej zasługi :P. Tomek tłumaczy sporo sam :D W sumie dobre pytanie - czy nazwa klasy powinna być pisana z dużej litery, jeśli jest pochodną od "narodowości" (no, nie do końca narodowości, ale od nazwy plemienia).