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  1. Yet no fix for this, it is just a simple thing
  2. Still no fix for that, or at least it was not mentioned in this fix
  3. pm me if you are interested, ingame or message me here
  4. I used to farm additional genetic scanning a Kavat, killing it with Ballistica Prime and scanning the Specter, but since Saint of Altra update killing the feral Kavat with Ballistica does not spawn a specter anymore. I looked through several patch notes and it is not described, thus it is a unintentional glitch inserted by the update as a side effect.
  5. You must be new, otherwise you'd be asking for its reversion as well...
  6. No revert for the Nekros/Khora/Hydroid patchout?
  7. This is only true for the quest Vox Solaris, the enemies still drop beacons
  8. Still no fix for that tho.... Also this update seems to have broken fishing system, lures are not working properly
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