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  1. Chronon, The Time Traveller. Lore: Chronon is a Old War era Warframe. However, it was lost in time, due to his precise sacrifice which changed the tides in the battle. Its creation took place by a mere accident, while tenno were preparing themselves for battle aboard the Naramon vessel, they were ambushed by Sentients. To prevent the incoming onslaught, one of the Tenno used his ability to open a rift and put everyone and everything in stasis, while a rescue pod would be launched. However, this did not took place. As soon as Chronan, the Duviri Tenno, went out of the rift bubble, he entered a time rift, thus time and space were stretched. He could use it in his favor. He became stronger as time passed by, he harnessed his power to the Naramon Railjack and shotted a void blackhole. His colleagues were impressed by Chronan newfound powers. You could almost hear time ticking around him, his footsteps were like clock ticks. But Chronan found a hard demise, he would not only sacrifice himself to create an immense black hole to destroy and divert the Sentiet Fleet, he would seal himself in another dimension, The Planes of Duviri. While there, in the beginning, Chronan didn't age a little. Then he started to craft, he started with timely perfect constructs, then these constructs helped him build thopters, these in turn helped him to create golems, and some of them merged into titans. Chronan grew bored in the process, little did he knew that he was no Tenno anymore. His creations were also changing him, making him one of them. The father of machines, originally a man, but now just a Time Traveller. Then his creation set him for his ultimate act, the collision which would create the Duviri Paradox, sent him back to past to collide with the former Void Rift, which would start his Time Rift. Background: Chronon, The Time Traveler is a time themed Warframe. He is based on both the story of Kronos, The Titan from Greek Mythology and to a lesser extent Karn, The Golem from Magic The Gathering. He was created when a Limbo used his cataclysm to prevent defeat from a Sentient ambush while aboard Naramon Vessel, Chronan his original wielder, would be sent into a escape pod to call for support and reinforcements. However, while exiting the rift he collided with a mysterious object which fused with him. Giving him a plethora of energy and abilities which helped him to deal with this situation. He also proved a turning point at the D day, changing the tides of the Old War, creating an immense void black hole which would pull even the Moon inside. Destroying a whole Sentient fleet, eventually allowing the Origin System to strike back. Chronon, could distort time and space around him, to such an extent that even his own story became concealed in the process. He is also responsible for creating the Duviri plane, which is where the Duviri constructs reside. They are massive robotic constructs, bending time at their will. With the return of the Sentient Armada, the plane itself became aware, and pulled the Tenno in, to unveil the story which ties past, present and future together, unravelling into the Duviri Paradox. Thematic Abilities (not numerated) Chronon grows stronger as mission timer passes by. He is able to increase teammates abilities and strength by donating his own timer. He is able to paralyze countdown timers, also paralyzing enemies to a limited amount of time, also deducing from his own timer. He is able to create a black hole out of thin air, this black hole sucks in nearby items, projectiles, damage, any enemy/ally buff and shield, he is also able to explode this blackhole dealing damage in the process, restoring shields or health, and increasing any present player based counter to a lesser extent (melee combo, nidus stacks, among others). Concept wise he would be the anti-Limbo. Since he is able to change time he is able to distort space, thus he becomes bigger and traverse large distances with ease, he is also able to distort players and enemies positions, also changing projectile trajectories or their speed. Disclaimer: This is not his kit, it is just some thematic abilities which revolve around the character.
  2. Pablo, it seems that you are not committed to either keeping players or making news players interested. How on earth a new player is going to differ items? Be empathic, how the hell a new player is going to identify what is what? This new screen is not good, is not clean, it is at least pretty, but pretty does not convey on usability, you should have end of mission ui which show items, the progress, the mission, why showing the warframes? Is it really necessary? And you said that you are looking at your contemporaries, are you going to delve in their mistakes as well? Several games which featured UI revamp were hardly criticized. Do not let this mockup go live, I repeat, do not let it go live.
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