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  1. im waiting for Abandoning Lich. i have been stuck with 4th duplicated weapon for 3 months. 16 lichs ,8 new weapons and 4 time Kuva Quartakk
  2. no. booster did nothing. at the end mission you can see 10 intrinsics. but when you back to dojo you just see 5
  3. i don't even know this until i see your comment
  4. hold quick melee button for spamming should be cool. but...
  5. i don't like flying around to collect resource. it's like spent 10min for mission and 2hours to just collect resources. that don't make people spent time to this
  6. hey. melee seems have more attackspeed or something? my zaw 0.85 as now can't even press E to quick melee because attack speed too high? same build when melee don't have any rework
  7. ok. i don't know anything about Lich, someone please explain it to me. what i should do to create my good lich weapon? what warframe, what weapon i should bring and kill Lich
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